Friday, November 20, 2009

To my school

Last day of school and it's a bittersweet moment for Lesley-Anne. Today, she leaves the school that has shaped her character and laid her academic foundation for the past six years. As a parent, I believe the teachers have done a terrific job. For the most part, Lesley-Anne has enjoyed her time here and I know she will remember it fondly.

So here's a little something I wrote to mark her rite of passage.

To My School

When I first came here
I felt so very small
Many confusing walkways
And a massive hall.

At times it was tough
I really didn't like school
The teachers were too strict
Kids could be cruel.

But as time passed
I became familiar with these walls
Faces and places
I grew fond of them all.

Six years I've spent here
Many friends I have made
Day in and day out
We've studied and played.

Wasn't it just yesterday
They were my new classmates?
Now we're all great pals
Ready to graduate

Older and wiser
A teen I'll soon be
So very different from
The little girl that was me.

And now I only remember
The good times I've had
Knowing I'm leaving this place
Makes me kind of sad

My new journey's beginning
Something I'm looking forward to
But no matter where I go
I will always remember you.


YY said...

I was just trawling through your posts tagged under 'sports' and realized the whole saga of how far Andre has come with regards to badminton. Congrats! It really sounds like he has a passion for the game. And it all started with Sunday badminton fun times with the family! It's great that Singapore now gives more recognition to sports. My hubby is a firm believer that training in sports actually trains one to be a 'winner' in life. It trains mental strategy and stamina. Btw hubby was able to play badminton for SAF during nearly his entire NS after the BMT. He was considered damn lucky! Maybe Andre will also be lucky that way... haha.

As for LA, which school will she be going to? Is she excited about Secondary school?


Lilian said...

Sweet and poignant poem. When I think of L-A, I still think of that sweet, shy, wee little P1 girl who was a very kind friend to Brian :) And now she's blossomed into a fine, confident and lovely young lady.

L-A, there's so much to look forward to, your future's so bright and I'm sure you'll have as wonderful a time the next 6 years as you have had the past 6. All the best dear as you embark on this exciting new journey. I know your mum feels as I do that you are all growing up too fast *sniff* :(

monlim said...

YY: Yup, recording Andre's progress in badminton has made me realise how far he's come.

As for L-A's school, haha, you must have missed all the discussion during the DSA period then! Look under the DSA or schools labels. And if you're still curious, you can email me about her school cos I'm not sharing that publicly here :P

Lilian: They're all growing up too fast. I'm so prone to melancholy, have to remind myself that better things are yet to come! I'm sure our kids have a great adventure ahead of them :)

hlin said...

I feel so reluctant to leave my school. BTW, does Lesley-Anne's school holds Graduation Party for the P6s? My schools has, and it leaves beautiful memories of my friends. :(

monlim said...

HLin: Yes, L-A's school had a graduation party for the p6s too. Well, treasure your memories and look forward to new ones at your new school. All the best for your PSLE results! I'm sure you'll do well :)

HLin said...

Thanks, Auntie Monica! :)

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