Thursday, November 26, 2009

Advent calendar version 2

Last year, I wrote about the Advent calendar I made for my kids. If you are wondering what an Advent calendar is and how it works, do read that post so I don't have to repeat it here. I'm not doing one for my kids this year, it's a lot of effort and I think they've outgrown the novelty anyway.

But for those who might be interested in making one (and I do encourage it as it's loads of fun for the kids), I thought I'd share the one I did for 2008. Again, feel to copy the rhymes but you'll need to change the ones that are specific to my family, like references to Ben 10 which Andre was crazy about last year.

Last year, I didn't use all Christmas related words (this was my third year doing it so I was running out of ideas!) Plus Lesley-Anne was older and the rhymes were getting too simple for her. So I turned some of them into riddles instead.

Once again, the first letter of the answer to the rhyme spells out a sentence, in this case "May love and peace be with you". To give it added difficulty, I didn't give out the clues in the order listed here, they were jumbled up with no. 22 actually given out on the last day of Advent (24 Dec). So after the kids got all the clues, they had to rearrange the letters to form the correct sentence.

I'm just listing the letters in the correct sequence here so you can see the final sentence. Hope that explanation isn't too confusing!

1. Maths

It gives you many headaches
When you can’t work it out
But when you finally solve them
There’s much to shout about!

2. Asterix

A funny little sign
A funny little man
He has many wild adventures
Stop laughing if you can!

3. Yelsel

Button a as bright
She is ballerina a
Thing right the does always
We are her of proud

4. Leprechaun

A little green creature
Found in Ireland I’m told
He looks for ends of rainbows
To hide his pots of gold

5. Open Sesame

Ali said this
So did Daffy
When they said this
They got plenty

6. Verb

It’s not a singer but it sings
It’s not a telephone but it rings
It does a lot of actions
But it is not a thing

7. Exams

These things are such a nuisance
These things you really detest
But when they’re all over
You’ll be glad you tried your best

8. Andre

A cute and clever dragon
Please always stay that way

9. Nikko

We really loved this place
Even though it was freezing
The udon warmed us up
It was really very pleasing

10. Daddy (this is a repeat of the one I shared last year, the actual D word I used refers to a specific person so I prefer not to share it here. Just create your own!)

Sometimes he’s smiley
Sometimes he’s not
But whether he is or isn’t
He sure loves you a lot

11. Pie

It comes in many flavours
Like chicken and apple crumble
But the one that tastes bad
Is the one that’s called humble

12. Egg

Hard or soft
Fried is best
Yummy whichever way
Just don’t get it for your test

13. Angels

We never see them
But we know they’re there
God sent them to protect us
To show how much He cares

14. Cannonbolt

He rolls up like a ball
I made him dance some Russian
If he hits some big monster
The monster gets a concussion

15. Emotions

It can turn your eyes green
And make you red, white or blue
You can’t see or touch it
But it’s very colourful

16. Beijing

A land rich in history
With a very winding wall
We were recently there
And we really had a ball

17. Email

You used to use a pen
Now you use your fingers
The goal is still the same
It’s to send out messages

18. Wise Men

There were three of them
They travelled afar
To look for Christ
They followed a star

19. In

You’ll see it in something
It’s there in everything
It appears in thin air
Yet it’s found in nothing

20. Tin Tin

A clever Belgian boy
With a helpful little dog
There are a couple of twins
Who’re always in the fog

21. Hammy

Very, very active
When she bites, ouch!
You give her lots of food
And she stores them in her pouch

22. Yes

I see it in your eyes
It started yesterday
Knowing Christmas is near
This you want to say!

23. Omnitrix

It makes you look real funny
And gets you in danger
Yet every boy wants one
Have you seen anything stranger?

24. Unicorn

A mythical beast
Somewhat lopsided up there
It only has one
While others have a pair

Happy Advent! Meanwhile, we'll be going on a short vacation from the weekend to end of next week. So I'm taking a break from blogging but I hope to see y'all when I return.... hopefully refreshed! Adieu!

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bACk in GERMANY said...

Thanks for sharing the riddles :) even though it's a war zone right now at home, I had to dig out out Advent calendar. All 24 pockets. My kids are so used to finding a candy each day. But I wonder what they'll do with a riddle. Bryan is definitely old enough to read one.

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