Monday, November 16, 2009

In honour of Lesley-Anne's braces

Came across this poem by Shel Silverstein from A Light in the Attic. Made us giggle, what with Lesley-Anne in braces and all.

Tusk, Tusk

The Walrus got braces,
And that's why his face is
A tangle of wires and steel.
He'll sit and he'll wait
Till his tusks are both straight -
And then think how happy he'll feel!
(But meanwhile, they're ruining his meal.)


Anonymous said...

This is really funny. My days of braces are over and at times I still dream of it. When the mountain of teeth is moving in the gums, the pain can be excruciating pain till one cannot sleep in the night (at least during my time the technology was like that), however, the outcome is sweet. It was then I really understood the meaning of "No pain no gain"!!! LOL


monlim said...

QX: Thankfully the technology has improved significantly from back then! I guess when you look in the mirror at your straight teeth, then only can you justify going through the discomfort :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica
I used to wear braces for over 6 years, all the way past JC2. Have you seen those 'whiskers' that some of the kids in the west wear - two thin metal wires coming out of the mouth and go round to the back of the head, secured by an elastic band? I used to wear that when I sleep, on top of the normal fixed 'studs' in the day-time. Yes, the pain of teeth moving in the gums, how can I ever forget that! My siblings used to tease me to say that my mouth was full of metal.


monlim said...

6 years!! Aiyoh, some of you ladies really deserve a medal :P

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