Friday, November 6, 2009

The rights of the child

The other day, Andre brought home this booklet from school:

It's a full colour booklet produced by MCYS and each page depicts an article stating a right of the child, according to the United Nations Convention, like this one below:

It's very well done and simple to understand but I scratched my head over the objective of distributing the book to students. Was it meant for the kids? The parents? I mean, even if the kids were made aware of their rights, would they be able to take any action if they had tyrannical parents? And the parents, if they were like the father in the picture above, I'm pretty sure wouldn't give 2 hoots about what this booklet said.

Anyway, I was flipping through the booklet and came across this picture:

Wait just a doggone minute! A burger?? I know they're actually referring to food but I can just picture kids going to their parents, saying "Mummy, it says here I have a right to a burger. Can I have one now?"

A little illustration is a dangerous thing.


Lilian said...

ROFL! Are you sure this booklet isn't sponsored by McDonald's?!

Really bad illustration. Even the cover page, it reads like "United the Nations..."

Anonymous said...

Lilian, you funny lah, may be it's sponsored by Burger King and not Mac..LOL.

I just have a look in the book, the summaries quoted quite mis-leading. Dun think I bother to read through the 54 articles.


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