Monday, November 9, 2009

A room to call my own

One of the more exciting milestones for the kids this year was that they finally each had their own room. Up until last Tuesday, they had shared a room and this was what it looked like (from two different angles):

With Lesley-Anne at the brink of adolescence and differences in interests and opinions becoming more disparate between the two siblings, tempers were flaring much more often. It was clear that they each needed their own space.

We live in a three-bedroom apartment but one bedroom was being used as my study cum office, so guess who had to make the sacrifice *sniff*. We didn't do anything extravagant, we kept most of the existing furniture and just added a few new pieces. The kids were content to have their own rooms and didn't make any demands.

The original shared room became Lesley-Anne's room. Andre, ever suspicious that he might be getting the shorter end of the stick, asked why his che che could have the larger room. She immediately retorted, "Because I had to wait longer for my own room." Can't argue with logic like that.

After the furniture musical chairs was done and the dust had settled, this was Lesley-Anne's new domain. The barang is still slowly being unpacked, hence the piles and bags.

This is the view from the other side of the room.

I think it's a great space for a growing girl and she has all she needs for now. At least I hope so! I couldn't believe how much stuff she had until we had to sort through them, it's like a rolling snowball - it gathers more mass along the way. Wherever there was an available table top or unused chair anywhere in the house, she would mark the territory with a pile of her belongings. Without realising it, I've raised a hoarder. I'm crossing my fingers that she will now contain the mountain heaps within her own room.

Will post about Andre's room separately.


Karmeleon said...

When there's no room, they just have to learn to live with it. They do not have their own space.

Our 15yo girl shares the same bedroom as her 2 younger brothers who are 10 & 12. The 3rd bedroom? She can't use it until the occupier passes on.

I go thru' their room at least half-yearly to make sure there's no unnecessary junk.

Lilian said...

This is such a wonderful coming-of-age present for L-A. So many, many, things are happening in her life these few years and an introspective young lady like her would definitely appreciate the private space she now has. You're a great mum, and not just for sacrificing your precious space :)

Can't wait to see pictures of Andre's room. I know if he has his way, it'll have a black-white-and-RED theme!

elan said...

What a great mummy, sacrificing your study. So where do you do your work now?

I'm amased at how tidy the room was even when they were sharing.
Yes, I need tips on how to keep a small bedroom tidy. The boys have an indulgent grandma who buys big Lego sets and Bionicles for any flimsy excuse and they have all been assembled and no amount of negotiation can get them I am now tripping over Star Wars gunships everywhere I walk...please post about how you make them keep so tidy!

monlim said...

Thanks Lilian! Well, Andre has no say in the interior design of his room, thank goodness! Otherwise you might get blinded as you enter his room, full of neon and red sparkles (and maybe a poster or 2 of Lee Chong Wei!)

Elan: I've carved out a work space in the living room. Tidy? No lah, cleared up a bit to take the picture mah! I have the same problem with Andre's toy soldiers and now Lego bricks, always there to be stepped on. And L-A leaves a trail of stuff wherever she goes, like Hansel and Gretel! Sometimes I screech, "pack all of it up or I'm throwing them away!" Does work to some extent :D

Jo said...

Hi Mon

I thought of letting the girls have their own space once the younger one started P1 but I realised the benefits in letting them stay together at least till P5/P6. We have family friends who have 4/5 bedrooms but have their children all sleep on 1/2 bedrooms !

Only thing is - due to the small sized bedroom, the study space is relegated to the other room and dining area and even our bedroom ...hee...


monlim said...

Jo: If the kids are the same gender, I think it's ok for them to share a room. If mine were the same gender, I'd probably make them share till much later!

Yeah, I understand the problem with space constraints, furniture and barang start spilling out onto any available space LOL!

Anonymous said...

It's good to see room so properly packed, I would not dare to take a snapshot of my child's room.... LOL


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