Monday, July 27, 2009

Movie O La - Bravissimo!

Earlier this month, the dance teachers at the CC where Lesley-Anne takes ballet lessons put on a full-scale concert at the Victoria Theatre. It involved every dance student at the CC, covering ballet, tap and modern. Featuring the theme "Movie O La!", it showcased music from movies and Broadway.

It was a real visual treat, from the cutesy babies to the breath-takingly elegant older girls. Lesley-Anne's item was "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story. The performance was a little personal epiphany for me. Lesley-Anne has always enjoyed ballet and it's not that I doubt her word, but I still sometimes find it difficult to reconcile the reticent introvert with the physical expression of dance. When I saw her dance that night with so much enthusiasm and heart, I almost didn’t recognise her - it’s like she’s a whole different person on stage and her passion for dance shines through. Needless to say, we're very proud of her :)

Here are some pictures of her item, by a professional photographer. In the first pic, she's the one furthest right:

We managed to take a video of her item but be prepared that the girls look like little miniatures as we were sitting far back at the Circle. She enters after the solo part under the group of four girls, left back.

The clip below is of the finale set to Jai Ho, the popular song from the movie Slumdog Millionaire. It's not really a dance item per se although it's nicely choreographed, it's for all the dancers to take their bows. I wanted to show the sheer number of students involved in this production - I was quite astounded to learn how many dance students are enrolled at just one CC!

Lesley-Anne is part of the fifth group to emerge, she's third from the right. Towards the end, you'll see a few men dressed as Robin Hood, they are actually fathers of a few of the girls and they performed a hilarious item Men in Tights that brought down the house. Very sporting and supportive, I thought! Right at the end, the three ladies in black t-shirts are the teachers at the CC.

This entire concert was put together in the space of three months. I think it's an amazing feat and you can tell from the last item how much the kids enjoyed performing for their family and friends. It wasn't perfect, there were little glitches like kids not in line or forgetting their bits, as you would expect from students. But the concert really drove home the message of what dance means to them and this is what the performing arts is all about.

Here's the ballerina with her supportive family (Kenneth behind the camera).


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the enthusiasm of the performers and the great choreography Monica. The dancers looked like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I would love to see Men In Tights. So sporting these fathers. Amazing!


Lilian said...

Truly Bravissimo! Lesley-Anne was totally into it! I can imagine how your heart swelled up in pride. And I love their flowy blue dresses too...well, blue is my favourite colour; gorgeous photographs too.

Congratulations Lesley-Anne on your wonderful performance and more importantly, on realising your passion in dance.

monlim said...

Thanks ladies! Yes, I'm a proud mummy indeed.

Lilian: the dresses have big fat silver sequins all over them, really blinding up close! But on stage, they do give a great effect :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful performance! Congratulations L_A! I enjoy watching so much, especially the tight dancers *LOL*, thanks for sharing Mon.


Veronica_L said...

Wow! Nice costumes...and the dance is beautiful...

I'd have liked to see those dads perform. Must have been hilarious.

So, when will Andre be dancing? (chuckles)

monlim said...

I wish we'd taped the dads too, they were so comical! Andre dancing? *hears sound of Andre screeching and running away*

Anonymous said...

So graceful and lovely poise! Well done L-A! I look forward to the longer version.


breve1970 said...

Hi Mon

Thanks for sharing. Am so proud of L-A! What a spectacular performance!

Think my friend's daughter, Tasneem, is one of the students from the cc (situated in the east) too. My friend's aunt is an instructor there. :).

monlim said...

Thanks QX!

Ann: What a small world! Tasneem is in L-A's ballet class, you should be able to see her in the same item :D

Alcovelet said...

Bravo, Lesley-Anne! So graceful and expressive!

elan said...

Beautiful!!! Well done L-A.

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