Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dance in pictures

To me, there are few subjects as captivating for photography as dance. There's something about the explosion of movement on the lens, the ability to capture such expressive motion on film that wows me.

For Movie O La!, the photographer was this incredible guy who also happens to be the main pianist for the ballet classes. He usually volunteers his photography services for such events and his talent is amazing - his intuitive eye for art (and obviously music) is always evident in his glorious pictures.

For this production, he took hundreds of shots and has very generously allowed parents to download them at no charge. Some of them are so gorgeous I couldn't resist sharing them here.

These are some pictures taken during the actual concert:

He also snapped numerous pictures during the rehearsals and backstage.

Aren't they absolutely enchanting?


Jo said...

Lovely lovely photos ! How wonderful that Lesley-Anne loves ballet. Unfortunately, my two girls aren't keen on ballet but they have interest in modern jazz / hip hop / tap.

Their school offers it as a CCA so I hope they will give it a try next year !


elan said...

Wow, these photos are breathtakingly, schingly beautiful.
Who is this photographer?
Is he a professional?

monlim said...

Jo: Go for it! Jazz/hip hop/tap are great too. Anything to get 'em moving to music, I say!

Elan: I think he's a professional but I can't be sure cos I only know him as the pianist! His name is Chester Tan.

monlim said...

Oh wait, he IS a pro. I found his portfolio online:

Anonymous said...

Breathtakingly photos!! This guy is talented. He has the eye for photography, he created and captured the right emotion for that moment....amazing.

I'm also into photography, gotten a DSLR cam but most of the time it's in auto mode.....*shame*. Need to go hunt for a class to go.


Lilian said...

Dance is a breathtaking art and this photographer captures its beauty so well. He is a true artist too, wow, so talented.

Anonymous said...

hi monica, wow, so apt! i can't wait for my photography class to start. (yes, yes, i bought a 2nd hand canon DSLR from another photo-crazy friend and signed with ANOTHER friend for weekly classes.) my 1st class starts tonite!

one day i hope to take such lovely pictures too. ;)

rgds - kjj

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica

I see that there are many photography enthusiasts here. You may like to take a look at the works by Tan Ngiap Heng ( He likes to shoot dance photos and does it brilliantly. He takes pictures for Singapore Dance Theatre regularly. You can see some of his works on his site (also check out his book 'Dance Me Through the Dark', which is a collection of dance portraits.)

You must be so proud of LA. It sounded like a great experience for her!


bACk in GERMANY said...

Not only are the girls enchanting, so are the photos! Gracefully and tastefully composed each shot!

Is this concert also open to public? Please let me know next time!!! Would love to come with a bouquet to support L-A! ;)

monlim said...

Cindy: Would have loved to invite you! Yes, it's open to the public. Will let you know next time :)

petite fleur said...

There's something very sweet about watching kids perform. They may miss their cue or forget a routine but you can't miss their enthusiasm.

And the photos are amazing. The photographer has a very good eye.

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