Saturday, July 4, 2009

Affordable Japanese grub

Another food post! Weekend lah.

Last evening, I met a friend at Marina Square for dinner and I opted to try out this place called Ryoichi Sushi mainly because they had an $8.60 set dinner and I'm always game for a good deal. A Japanese meal for $8.60? That's unheard of!

The menu had quite an extensive selection, at least 9 different sets, if I recall. I chose the chirashi wazen, which came with pickles, a side dish and a salad. Here's a closeup of the rice portion.

My friend went with the Unagi Tori Tamago Suimono, which is essentially an egg/meat hotpot with two smallish slices of unagi.

DBS/POSB card members receive a free helping of salmon sashimi. It was 3 pieces sliced so thin that you could see through them but free lah, still ai hiam meh??

Furthermore, there is a National Day promotion for July and August where DBS card members can order a seafood special for only $4.40 (can't remember the name, sorry). Or if you're 44 years old this year, it's free! Nope, neither of us are quite as old as Singapore.

We decided to try it - it's 2 mini stuffed crab shells and two scallop skewers in teriyaki sauce.

My verdict? Quality and taste-wise, ok lah. I would put it on par with Sakae Sushi's standard. The sashimi is not the freshest I've tasted, the side dishes are nothing to shout about. My friend says the hotpot is good though. I enjoyed the scallop skewer but the crab was rather strange - my friend felt it tasted more like fish cake! But really, the price is very attractive - our total bill came up to only about $28 and we were stuffed. How to complain?


Alcovelet said...

Monica, your photo-taking skills have reached mouth watering levels. $8.60?? But at this price, surely the dishes will fly off the shelf, so should be fresh, right? Yumz!

Trouble is, got to brave the traffic and crowds at Marina Square. Hmmm... Think I try the cakes 1st. My plan is to get there this Monday, drool.

monlim said...

Ad, I think it's thanks to competition - there are 101 eating outlets at Marina and within close vicinity, Citylink Mall, Raffles City and Suntec. So must attract! It wasn't as crowded as the nearby MOF which is casual japanese and had a long queue. But by 7.30pm, it was pretty packed up.

Lemme know about your cake experience!!

Lilian said... and good, shiok only. I haven't been to that side of town in ages, don't really know that area at all. In the early 1990s, Marina was the place to be huh? I don't even know what kind of shops there are there now.

monlim said...

Lilian: I'm very sua ku, haven't been to Marina in ages. It waned in popularity for a while but judging from the hordes of people there yesterday, looks like it's back in favour!

Oh and I forgot to mention, we even got 2 single tubs of ice cream with our set meals. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Mon, your photos are very clear & sharp! You have make the food look so scrumptious, especially the 1st picture! Practise makes perfect!


Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

I see that you are putting your A480 into good use! The salmon sashimi looked good! Or it is because of your photo skill? LOL!

monlim said...

S: Haha, I would like to claim credit but I think it's more due to the Canon lah... haven't you seen my old yucky blur shots with my Nikon? LOL!

LadyB said...

Hardly go to Marina Sq...usually shop at Vivo n Orchard 'cos it's more accessible :). Love Jap food but diffivult to find delicious yet affordable one in Sg *sobs*
Will be going to DaVinCi exh tomorrow. hav a nice holiday.
Got the ingo tks

Veronica_L said...

Your phototaking skills sure have improved! Maybe you should retake the old photos that you posted last time so we can all have a good look at them. Wow. $8.90? The restaurant must be pretty desperate to attract customers.

Anonymous said...

I love Japanese food too ... actually, crazy.. is the correct word. But, I'm rather wary when the price of the food is too "reasonable"to be true.Quality is what I go for.. the sashimi must be thick enough of which the belly part is the best. My family usually patronizes those places which are frequented by Japanese expatriates.(quality can be ensured then) You can find lots at Liang Court, Jalan Sultan area... A little pricey but really value for money when there's a promotion... so sakae sushi is definitely 'out' for us..Haiz....

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