Saturday, November 29, 2008

'Tis the season to be jolly

Taking a short break from travel blogging to write a post on my favourite season - Christmas!

In our household, the Christmas feeling begins when we take out the Christmas tree and trappings from the storeroom. This ritual has become something of a tradition and an event that Lesley-Anne and Andre look forward to every year.

The first sight of the decorations is always an exciting reminder of the season (for me, it's a reminder of how quickly the year has flown by!)

Christmas music sets the ambience, the tree is carefully erected, the lights draped on, then negotiations ensue as to which decorations should be used and where each should go. Even hanging decorations has to be a fair process, which each kid given an equal number.

(Wearing the Santa hat was Andre's idea, I guess it puts him in the mood!)

Then the other accessories come out of storage, like these Christmas toys (below). They only emerge once a year which make them seem especially precious.

Also these reindeer candle holders, in danger of rusting but carry much sentimental value.

Finally, here's the tree.

If you don't have a special Christmas tradition, I highly recommend starting one - it's very memorable for the whole family and something that I'm sure your kids will look back with much fondness.

And now the celebrations can start!


Anonymous said...

Mon, a very pretty Christmas tree you have there! I didn't celebrate Christmas until I met my hb (then boyfriend). I had always long for a Christmas tree and when we finally got our place 10yrs ago, I bought my 1st Christmas tree before we got our sitting room furniture. We celebrated our Christmas in an empty hall with one huge lighted up Christmas tree...LOL.

Oh...I tried to post a comment in your travel blog but couldn't get thru. Just would like to let you know that the fotos you took were beautiful and the Great Wall looks magnificent. How I wish I will have an opportunity to see the Great Wall in person....*wish* *wish*


monlim said...

Chris, I can imagine an empty hall with one single tree, must have been a terrific sight! Very romantic :)

I wonder why you can't get thru the travel blog hmm... but I do recommend paying a visit to the Great Wall at least once in your life, I'm sure your kids will appreciate it too. Surely not too unachievable a dream? Plan for it next year!

petite fleur said...

Lovely Christmas tree. We'll probably be setting ours up next week. I'm still looking for a nice star for the top of the tree. You've got a big & pretty bow.

monlim said...

Thanks! If you like bows, you can just buy the ribbon at the decor shop and ask them to fashion the bow for you. That's how we got ours :)

eunice said...

I put up my tree last week. Sean help decorate the parts he could reach (it's 8ft tall) and with the lights....sigh...I love Christmas.

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