Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beijing, here we come!

I haven't been blogging because it's been a mad rush trying to settle all my work before we leave for Beijing. There is also that business of packing - this will be the first time the kids are experiencing winter in any part of the world, so we've been trying to get all the warm stuff together. I hope the smog won't be too bad.

Beijing will be an interesting experience as this is the first trip we're taking with the kids that's not to a destination with theme parks or lots of kid-friendly places. It's going to be primarily culture - thousands of years old. I'm curious to see how my kids will react. Will they be enriched? Or will they be bored out of their minds after the first day? Already, Andre has expressed interest in climbing the Great Wall only so that he can take the ride back down!

The next time you hear from me may be from Beijing, if I can get internet access. I will try to blog from there, but if so, it will be on my travel blog, so do keep checking in there, ok?

Happy holidays and you'll hear from me real soon!


Lilian said...

Have fun! Looking forward to reading about your Beijing adventure.

Alcovelet said...

Monica, have a great holiday!!

The Ming Tombs are a bit far out, but I hope they're on the agenda. Very eerie. And for the Great Wall, the usual one where they bring the tourists is just overly "rebuilt". Try to go to Simatai - still very original, and you can see stamps on the bricks which hark back to the Ming dynasty. I don't think they're repaired from when the Japanese bombed the place, so you can see the broken turrets. Very impressive, if you think how the soldiers could march up and down the stairs. I'm wondering how horses could have made their way through at all.

And if you guys like Peking duck, forget about Quan Jude. Just go to the Grand Hyatt, Made in China. It's so ridiculously good ...


Anonymous said...

Mon, Have a great holiday!! Enjoy!! ^_^


Yve said...

Have fun on your well-deserved break.

But a warning about internet access though. I just couldn't get access to blogs when I was last in Beijing. There's a trick to it though. You could ask the locals for the proxy address.


breve1970 said...

Hi Monica

Happy Holidays!:)

petite fleur said...

Look forward to hearing about your trip.

Doubt you'll be able to blog from there cos blogspot is banned by the Chinese servers.

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