Tuesday, November 4, 2008

School score card for 2008

We have so much to be thankful for.

The kids have received the results for their year-end exams and I'm happy to say that on the whole, they've met their targets - ie in all their subjects, Lesley-Anne met the GEP baseline requirement and Andre achieved Band 1. So all the pre-exam screeching (me), sleepless nights (also me), sulks (Lesley-Anne) and tears (Andre) have been worthwhile.

I won't reveal their results in detail but I just want to highlight two that I'm especially pleased about. For Lesley-Anne, this is maths. If you've been following my blog, you will know that maths has been a constant struggle for her. I've been trying all ways and means to help her with maths but I think the biggest hurdle is not her ability but her antipathy towards the subject.

Well, this time she truly exerted a Herculean effort and accomplished 83/100. I am soooo pleased, I can't begin to tell you! It may not sound that great to some of you but for a kid who has failed to meet the baseline a couple of times, this score is truly cause for celebration. (Someone in her class actually pulled off 99½/100 but I'm so NOT complaining and not comparing.) Ironically (notice my life seems to be full of ironies), it turned out that she performed best in maths among all her subjects. Other subjects like Chinese that she usually performs well in dipped a little in standard. I told her jokingly, "How come your results like a balance scale like that? When one goes up, something else must come down!" But we're both so delighted with the maths result that we're just basking in that. It's as much a victory for me as it is for her, I think!

For Andre, the biggest surprise was his composition. Again, I've repeatedly moaned about the standard of his English and how he can't seem to write coherently. During term time, he regularly scrapes up just 5/10 or 6/10 for his compositions. It didn't assuage my fears when he came home the week before last and announced that his teacher mentioned most of the kids in the class didn't do too well for the composition exam. Then last Tuesday, he came home from school, bashed on my bathroom door (I was taking a shower) and shouted excitedly, "Mummy! I got 8/10 for composition!"

I couldn't believe it (you wouldn't too if you've read his compositions). I couldn't believe it even more after he'd told me that the boy who regularly scores 10/10 was the only one who got 9/10 in the class, and only a handful got 8/10 - these are the kids who write beautifully, I've seen their work in the class publication. I actually asked him skeptically, "Are you sure it was 8? Are you sure it wasn't 6 and you saw wrongly?" Ok, you are all going to now condemn me as this awful mum who has so little faith in her own son! Then hear this: when Kenneth came home from work and Andre told him his score, Kenneth asked him EXACTLY THE SAME THING!!! Bwaahaha!!

Thankfully, Andre was oblivious to any insinuation on his ability and just happily replied, "no lah! I thought I would get only 5, I didn't dare to look at my paper! Then I saw, I really got 8!" I don't know how he pulled that rabbit out of the hat but I say this again, this boy has some mad exam skills!

So another academic year draws to a close. It was hectic and stressful, yet I can't believe how fast it flew by (I say this every year, by the way). The holidays can't come soon enough - I need to recharge my mental strength and energy which is teetering at the almost zero level. I will need a double charge for next year - PSLE and p3! No joke.

Meanwhile, an unexpected treat has come our way - a holiday in Beijing during the school holidays, which was just confirmed a few nights ago. A perfect way to end the school year! And I promise not to bring any assessment books.


Anonymous said...

Mon, Congratulations to you & your kids!! Well Done!! That really call for a celebration!

Your son, Andre is such a cute boy. ^_^


Lilian said...

Well done Lesley-Anne, Andre and Monica! I was just thinking about Andre today and knew he'd do well, just knew it. I really like his style, make everyone around him gancheong spiders, then like a cool cat come home with amazing results! 8/10 for composition, what a feat! And L-A, that's excellent results, I know it's not easy to do well for GEP math. Did Murderous Math help? :)

And Beijing, wow! And you thought there'd be no more hols till after PSLE. Can't wait for your Beijing blog. I have never had the urge to visit any part of China so will see if your blog will change my mind. Have a great time!

breve1970 said...

Heartiest congratulations. Great job, Lesley-Anne & Andre! Although Aunty Ann hasn't met you two, I have been following your mummy's blogs on your incredible academic journeys. Well done and keep it up.

And Monica, you deserve a pat on your back for being a super steady mummy! :)

Am quite pleased with Hannah's results too. P1 - all Band 1. Her math is the weakest at 86 but really good enough for me.

Alcovelet said...

Congratulations, Lesley-Anne and Andre! Another rigorous school year is over, so it's time to ENJOY!! Have a great holiday in Beijing!

Monica, I can feel your effort in the whole year. But never mind. Can still blog in between assigning worksheets. You know there's always a tonne of people behind you (now why does that sound menacing? Lol!).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on their results! With mom's constant guidance, they cannot go very wrong... Kudos to mom's effort.

Hv an enjoyable holiday..I need one too!


monlim said...

Thanks all you wonderful ladies for the kind words and encouragement! Ann, you've hit it the nail on the head when you say "academic journey". Cos it really is a journey that sometimes feels really looooong and unending. And congrats on Hannah's results too! We mummies must keep spurring each other on :)

Ad: blog in between worksheets? Sure!! what do u think i've been doing? hehe!

Lilian, gancheong spiders? haha!! I guess I shd have more faith in his exam skills by now but you know lah, it's hard to let go when you're the mum and you see the rubbish produced throughout the year! I don't think Murderous Maths helped this time, it was more the drilling and scolding :P

I thought we wouldn't have a holiday this time round too, but my cousin who stays in Beijing, out of the blue, issued an invite and SQ still had promotion prices for air tix, so it was too good to resist! At least we can have another holiday before being grounded for PSLE next year :)

Lilian said...

oic, so for Singapore exams, what helps is not Murderous Math, but Murderous Mummy ;) Will keep that in mind.

Am sure you're gonna be having fun planning for the trip, I find half the fun of a holiday is in the planning and anticipating.

Lilian said...

Oh yes, congrats to all the mummies here and their kids on getting through another Singapore school year.

And Chris, I saw from the mummies' forum that your girl got into GEP. Congratulations! I'm sure she'll do well whether or not she decides to take up the offer.

monlim said...

Lilian: I'm sure Lesley-Anne will agree with you on the Murderous Mummy part!

Chris: congrats! I didn't know the good news. I think GEP is great, but of course that's really your and your daughter's decision.

What's this mummies forum, btw?

breve1970 said...

Hi All

Sorry I may seem like a braggart but am really pleased with 85 plus marks cos alot of parents think I am MAD, being satisfied with marks less than 90. You know, they claim that for P1, kids must score over 90, etc etc. Whats wrong with our education system or with them? :(

But for L-A, obtaining such good grades in GEP and at P5, that is one mean feat! Well done again.

monlim said...

Ann: There's nothing wrong with being pleased with our kids' grades - afterall, we played a big part in it! I don't think it should be any fixed score in particular but rather, it's about setting targets that are realistic for our kids and once they achieve that, they (and the mummies!) are entitled to feel good about it :)

Anonymous said...

Mon & Lilian, Thank you!! Not sure if it's good or bad...will see how it goes...

Hey, I'm on my way to borad a plane now to Hong kong, will be back after 14th. See you guys later...


eunice said...

Congrats L-A, Andre and Monica!!! I know how hard it must be on both kids and mums when it comes to school work.

Lilian: I used to be resistant about going to China. Have to admit that Shanghai did nothing for me (very much like Sin or BKK, except the people are ruder and spit all over). But I LOVED Jiu Zhai Guo (in Szechuan province) and Chendu.

monlim said...

Eunice & Lilian: This trip to Beijing will be the first one we're taking with the kids that's not to theme parks - we thought it's also about time that we exposed the kids to some culture, and not pop culture! We'll see how it goes.

Lilian said...

Eunice: Did you go to those provinces by yourself or by package tour? Food is such an important part of our holidays and I haven't heard good things about food in China.

Monica: Eddie vetoes destinations with no theme-parks, unless it's to a beach or to places he's been posted to before (familiarity) hence, Paris (2006), Hongkong (2007), and Tokyo (2008). If it were up to me, we'll be exploring Barcelona, Greek islands, Cairo...

monlim said...

Lilian: I'm not crazy about northern Chinese food - they like greasy stuff and they eat bao instead of rice. But there are so many choices, the restaurants that my cousin brought me to the last time I was there, the food was delicious. I guess it's knowing where to go!

I understand about the no theme parks rule cos maybe Sean is still very young. Culture and scenery alone could be boring for the kids. But since mine are a little older now, we thought we could give it a try. Andre is looking forward to climbing the Great Wall just so he can take the ride down!

bACk in GERMANY said...

Wow... Cairo got pyramids what... sure the boys will enjoy!

Well done Mon!
Well done L-A and Andre!
You guys gotta recharge now for the very "siong" year ahead... Enjoy your well-deserved vacation!

breve1970 said...

Thanks Monica. Have a great holiday with the family! You deserve it, Supermum!

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