Monday, December 30, 2013

Yuletide blessings

For many folks, the end of year marks a season of parties and extreme feasting and we are no exception. Christmas tree, sparkling decor, loads of presents and our home was ready. We even had a special visitor this year - Danger Dan!

Then there's the food! Just in anticipation, we try to cut down the day before a party and do a little more exercise. But it's all in vain. No amount of jumping jacks done as an afterthought can withstand the massive onslaught of turkey, ham, etc etc etc. I'm quite certain just thinking about Christmas food makes me move up one waist size. Time to switch to elastic pants.

Plus cake. Always lots of cake. And almost always chocolate. I'm telling you, those feeble situps don't stand a chance. Your brain sends an image of the dessert to your abs which, seeing the futility, surrenders and sags instantaneously.  

But most of all, Christmas is really about the company we keep. Sharing meals with loved ones, especially those we don't get to meet as often as we like - that is what makes the occasion.

Food, family and friends - God has provided for us abundantly over the past year. Hope you had an equally fabulous Christmas season and here's wishing all of you showers of blessings for 2014!

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