Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Braces off!

Almost a year ago on 31 December 2012, Andre had braces fitted because his top front teeth jutted out at an angle that affected his jaw growth. This meant that he often went around with his mouth slightly open because the overbite was so severe. Here's a picture of him a year ago.

Due to certain circumstances, we ended up with a different orthodontist for Andre than Lesley-Anne. This orthodontist is pretty pricey and we wouldn't have gone to her if not for the fact that Kenneth knew her and she gave us a discount. Even so, the bills sometimes made us feel faint! I'm pretty sure we paid for the ornamental fish tank and other furniture in the clinic. :o

We expected the braces to be on for at least two years, since that was the case with Lesley-Anne. However, this orthodontist is some miracle worker because yesterday, Andre's braces were ready to come off! Just under a year! I thought this was pretty much unheard of. So maybe, you do get what you pay for afterall.

We're terribly pleased with the results. His teeth sit so nicely now and the gaps from the extractions have completely closed up. As for Andre, he's just glad that there will be no more tightening and no more bouts of porridge and fish soup!

A mega-watt smile for Christmas :)


Shirley said...

Hi, I chanced upon your blog and find it very interesting and informative. I'm looking to fit braces for my eldest daughter too and am wondering if you mind sharing the contact of the dentist that Andre went to please?

I'm Shirley and my email is or you can leave the contact on my blog

Thank you in advance.

monlim said...

Shirley: I prefer to communicate with readers via the Of Kids and Education Facebook page. Can you pm me there? Thanks.

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