Monday, January 6, 2014

Online reviews for The Good, the Bad and the PSLE

Happy 2014, everyone! How's the New Year treating you?

I'm getting really excited cos Danger Dan will be out very, very soon. But in the meantime, I've been getting quite positive responses to my other book (remember? The one about the stressful school system?)

Yes, The Good, the Bad and the PSLE has been getting noticed! What I found interesting was that some of the reviewers are not Singaporeans but identify with the Asian academic rat race nonetheless. Like this review by a blogger.

Here's another and in French, no less! (I ran it through Google Translate to get the gist of what it said).

And here's a review by a local blogging mum. Be warned though, if you haven't read the book, it contains spoilers!

It's even on Goodreads! If you've read the book and like it, I hope you will share your views on that site. Support me lah :) The book is S$17.90 (before GST) and available at all good bookstores. The bookstores don't always shelve it in a prominent or even correct location though, so if you can't find it, ask the sales folks for it!

Very grateful to all those who have taken the time to write reviews, especially since I don't know most of you personally. If you happen to read this, thank you for the support!

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