Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sports in art

Since we're on the topic of clay art, here's something Lesley-Anne did for a school art lesson last year. The students were told to design their own mascot for the inaugural YOG held in Singapore.

The mascot had to represent a particular sport featured in the YOG. Lesley-Anne's was a pink penguin, representing swimming. You can see it holding the torch.

Sports can be a muse for art. Afterall, the sporting form lends itself to much grace in movement. Just recently, Andre brought home a drawing that was given to him by his good friend. It's meant to be a card of sorts and portrayed Andre as a badminton champ in what looks like a major tournament.

I was quite impressed by the composition and line work. Andre was probably was more enthralled by the fact that he pictured as the "Man of the Match", at least by his friend.

In this case, art doesn't imitate life, so hopefully, Oscar Wilde was right when he said it's life that imitates art.

I'm sure for Andre, that's an optimistic picture of the future.

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