Monday, April 25, 2011

Lesley-Anne's CAP portfolio 1

At the beginning of this year, Lesley-Anne applied to the Creative Arts Programme (CAP) organised by MOE and NUS. It's an external programme which offers writing workshops for students interested in creative writing.

Lesley-Anne wasn't successful in her application. Out of the 20-odd sec 2 students who applied from her school, only one was selected. I guess admission to the programme is highly selective. It's ok, Lesley-Anne says she might try again next year if she feels like it. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few of the pieces she had submitted as part of her application portfolio.

Out of the pieces of writing she submitted, this poem is my favourite, I found it terribly funny and original. Plus it features a hedgehog (my signature animal) and a giraffe (hers!) Too bad they didn't have a happy ending.

An Unlikely Marriage
A Study in Nonsensical Rhyme

There once was a hedgehog named Valentino
Who was an outcast because he was albino
He was treated like a pest
As the other hedgehogs did detest
Anyone without skin brown as cappucino

Somewhere else, not very far away
Lived a giraffe, who was unique in a way
Her legs were long as heck
But she had a really short neck
And this, amongst her family, caused much dismay

Now these two characters in time
Would have their destinies entwined
Both would soon meet each other
And they would discover
That they both got along just fine

It happened one day at noon
At the local restaurant by the lagoon
It was love at first sight
And they took delight
In knowing that they would marry soon

Their marriage was a grand affair
With decorations on the church's ceiling and stairs
But I guess everyone just "forgot"
Since no one came to see them tie the knot
But they were so madly in love that they didn't care

The giraffe gave Valentino a wedding present
One that was really quite decent
Her husband was enthralled
For she wrote him a book called
"101 Uses for a Hedgehog" which was pleasant

Now Valentino hoped to give her a gift equally nice
So he turned to the local bookstore owner for advice
Who said "Since a great writer is she
Books should make her feel much glee
So write one for her and that should suffice."

Ah, my dear Valentino, marriage is tough!
Your book may have perfect grammar and paragraphs
But your dear wife divorced you for a grave mistake on your part
And that is that your book had a horrible title to start
For it was named "101 Uses for a Dead Giraffe"!


Lilian said...

I think it's a travesty that L-A did not get in. Anyway, like you said, there's always next year.

Very cute poem, very Shel Silverstein-y. Bet L-A can draw some killer illustrations to go with the poem too :D

monlim said...

Lilian: I don't know what's the selection criteria, I hope it's not based on who uses the most bombastic language! But I'm sure there are many kids who can write better than L-A lah, to me, as long as she enjoys it, that's good enough. Cos you can teach technique but you can't teach passion :)

Anonymous said...

I believe JK Rowling failed many times before she hit success. So passion is key to sustain the determination to write. My child does not draw well in my opinion but I just provide a lot of sketchbooks for her to draw as and when she likes. Each piece to me is original and precious even if no one else gets to see it. Recently she even starts to develop comic strips. I like the way she puts both her likes together, the great sense of humor and the passion for drawing in her own time and own target world. I know when she grows up, these books will form the best memories for her and for us....priceless and precious.


monlim said...

QX: As parents, we need to be the enabler, I'm sure you'll cherish the development of your dd's art progress. And art being a visual medium, is so fun to look at, I'm sure you'll enjoy them tremendously in the future (esp if she becomes a famous artist!!)

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