Friday, April 8, 2011

Bukit Timah outdoor adventure

Last Saturday, Lesley-Anne went on an outdoor adventure with a bunch of other sec 2 kids. They formed groups and were supposed to find their own way to the summit of Bukit Timah Hill, before navigating themselves to the Dairy Farm Adventure Centre.

If you know Lesley-Anne, you know that anything with the words "outdoor adventure" is not something that she would voluntarily sign up for. So it's a good thing it was compulsory! This is actually a very pretty part of Singapore.

She was quite stoked to catch sight of woodpeckers, apparently they're exactly (well, maybe not exactly) like Woody Woodpecker, with the red mane. Of course, they also saw macaques which are pretty aggressive in these parts. One snatched a banana from a teacher. (Bananas + Bukit Timah Hill = colossally BAD idea.)

The teacher managed to take some nice shots of the kids enroute to the summit.

Finally, the checkpoint! I think the teacher looks more relieved than the students.

Following that, they made their way to the Dairy Farm Adventure Centre where the students experienced abseiling. Lesley-Anne had previously missed out on this activity when she went for camp at p5, so she was quite pleased that she got to try this.

The whole trip took the better half of a day. I think it's good for her to move out of her comfort zone every once in a while to get some nature by osmosis into her system.


Anonymous said...

The trip looked exhausting but fun. Apparently there are more gals than boys in LA's class. I am mildly surprised.

~ my

monlim said...

MY: I think it's good to get the kids off their butts to experience the outdoors every once in a while! L-A was exhausted alright, she says they must have tracked about 10km...

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