Friday, January 15, 2010

Andre to the rescue!

One morning, Andre excitedly recounted to us the dream he had the night before. This was how it went:

"I was in a space roller coaster. As I was riding it the third time, it came to a stop. I saw che che and other people running away. I looked out through a window next to the roller coaster and saw a big, fat scary monster. Auntie Joy (our domestic helper) and I started running away. Auntie Joy asked, "where did che che go?" I replied, "I let her go." We started screaming and running away. When I was outside the building, I saw che che at the exit. I met my friends too. All of us ran away. As the monster got nearer to us, we hid behind a wall. Then the big monster transformed itself into a small monster. When the monster looked left, we hid on the right. When it looked right, we hid on the left. Suddenly, we saw goblins coming after us..."

"What did the goblins look like?"

"Ugly and no clothes. Like the MouseHunt goblin mouse. We started running away to another wall but the goblins caught up with us. The goblins caught all my friends, Auntie Joy and che che and put dragon signs on their legs and hands and turned them into steel. I was the only one who survived and ran away to a food centre. The goblins outside the food centre surrounded me. I said, "I'm Stupidous Man!" (this is a standing joke in our family, it's a cross between Calvin & Hobbes' Stupendous Man and tv show Scien-trific's Stupid Man). All the goblins laughed, mwahahahaha!!

I ran under their arms and escaped into the food centre. Two goblins were disguised as an old man and an old lady. I took out a mustard gun from my pocket and sprayed at the old lady. She ran away. the old man was too far away so I changed my gun to "far" mode and sprayed at him. It was so hot the old man died. I shot the old lady too and she melted. I noticed that I had run out of mustard so I threw it away. Suddenly I saw Mummy. She waved at me. Two goblins appeared and faced us. So I used my fast punch. They still didn't die so I used my ultimate punch. Then they died. Another goblin came and tapped Mummy, she turned into steel. But I tapped Mummy and she became normal again. The goblin said, "how can like that?"

"Wah, your goblins can speak Singlish eh..."

"I said, "I'm Stupidous Man! If I tap someone, they'll become normal again." Then I punched him as hard as I could and he died. Mummy and I celebrated and she went to buy an ice-cream for me. I did not know that one of the goblins was disguised as an old lady at the ice-cream stall. When Mummy was buying the ice-cream, the goblin pulled her in. I pulled Mummy's leg but another goblin pushed me. I managed to hold on to Mummy as I took out my spare laser gun and I shot the old lady goblin. She fainted (a laser gun is not as powerful). I pulled Mummy out and the other goblin fell down. I punched the goblin that fell, flung the other goblin in the air like a lasso and threw her right at the glass window. I picked up the goblin on the floor and threw it on the same spot as the other goblin.

Five more goblins approached us. I got fed up and used my ultra force. The goblins died. All the people who were turned to steel transformed back to normal because of my powerful ultra force. Mummy and I finally bought my ice-cream and we sat in the food centre eating it. The End."

Epilogue: Lesley-Anne mutters, "So unfair, you only save Mummy."


Lilian said...

LOL! Wahhh, his dream so vivid and exciting one. Is this a mash-up of Mousehunt, part Beast Quest, part Calvin & Hobbes?

monlim said...

Looks like it! Says a lot about his self-image actually - in my action dreams, I'm always the one running away but in his, he's the hero :P

Lilian said...

He may be physically tiny but his ego more than makes up for it haha!

Wonder how many years more before the damsel he rescues is no longer mummy, but some other belle :)

monlim said...

Hmm... the belle will have to be even tinier, right? hopefully not for a loooong time yet!

Anonymous said...

Interesting dream he has indeed and the storyline is so very clear.
Looks like he has a heart of protection of you forever. So sweet!

My kid also gets her inspiration from her dreams so sleeping is the most important thing to her. LOL She even loves to catch a few winks to slide into her imaginary world.


monlim said...

QX: I love how kids get their inspiration from dreams, unlike us jaded adults! I'm not sure he's looking to protect me forever but I'll just enjoy it now :)

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