Saturday, December 26, 2009

We're on the pages of Young Parents magazine!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas! I know we did... and it's over again all too soon.

We did have a special Christmas present this year, in the form of Young Parents magazine. You see, I was interviewed a couple of months ago for an article on mums who blog about education. Yup, Of Kids and Education made it to the newstands, how about that!

Lilian asked me to scan the article and post it here but several problems presented themselves, the biggest one was that I do not own a scanner. Secondly, even if I did, I don't think I would know how to post it here, the tech novice that I am.

So, if you want to read the article, do get a copy of Young Parents magazine, January 2010 issue. The article is on pages 50-54. The writer Tracy was really nice and accommodating, and I'm very grateful to her for writing about my blog in such a positive way.

Instead of blogging about the article, I'm going to chat about our experience. The interview was quite straightforward and uneventful, the highlight for my kids was definitely the photo shoot. It was a full studio shoot where wardrobe and makeup were provided.

The wardrobe was the tricky bit. While they were spot on with my kids' styles (gorgeous Gap tops and jeans), they were completely off the mark with me. It was completely my fault, I made it a point to tell them in advance not to put Lesley-Anne in a dress or anything with frills so that she wouldn't be uncomfortable, and forgot all about myself. So when they showed me a green sleeveless dress that I was to wear, I'm sure my expression must have been priceless. I'm not fussy but there were three things wrong with that outfit for me - Green. Sleeveless. And dress. Apparently it was a mistake not to have mentioned to them that I am almost exclusively a jeans and t-shirt gal, and that I can't remember the last time I wore a dress.

After some feeble protests, the wardrobe folks very obligingly agreed to change my outfit. It was another dress with a striking spiderweb print. It's still totally not me but at least it's not sleeveless and it's not green (one of the sure colours to make me look like I'm on my deathbed, apart from beige). So, not wanting to appear like a prima donna, I agreed.

Then the next surprise - they presented me with a pair of three-inch heels. My kids had hysterics - I'm sure my startled expression is permanently seared into their memories. Andre gallantly offered me his arm and asked with a straight face, "Can you stand up, Mummy? Here, take my arm." As I wobbled to take my place in front of the camera, I kept thinking, "Thank God it's a still photo."

And here we are. Let it be recorded that I also had false eyelashes on. Ah well, we should all be glamorised at least once in our lives!

The photos taken are property of SPH and so we were not able to receive copies, which is a pity. The photographer generously offered to take this pic of us using my handphone so we could at least have something to remember the session by.

After the group session, the photographer was so taken by Andre's typical animated self that she requested to take a few solo shots of him for her portfolio. Needless to say, Andre LOVED the attention - everything from the makeup and waxed hair to the Gap outfit. He posed, he hammed it up, he basked in the limelight.

Here are some shots I took on my crummy phone. Too bad we couldn't have copies of the actual photos, some of them were really nice.

He loved the checked shirt so much I bought a similar one for him for Chinese New Year. If by some miracle, he ever makes it as a model, let it be known that he got his start here!


Lilian said...

Aiyah you sotong lah, you can use your digital camera's macro function to take pictures of the article, or at least the photos lah.

You look so absolutely lovely in that dress and va vooooom...the dress is gorgeous, where is it from? Can't wait to get my hands on the article.

Well, I've seen Andre's photos earlier, and as I said before, spitting image of Michael Chang. Definitely heartthrob in the making.

Congrats on the article and go buy that dress! :)

monlim said...

Haha, you know my photography skills, right! Anyway, there was only one photo of us and it's similar to the one I posted, so no need lah.

I've no idea where the dress is from, quite embarrassed to say it took me a while just to figure out how to put it on (it was a wrap dress). So no, won't be in my wardrobe!

Thanks for the compliments! Wah, Michael Chang... looks like someone will be spending even more time in front of the mirror!

LadyB said...

You guys must have loads of fun at the shooting :-). You guys looks great & gorgeous in the pic too!
I bet this article comes out just in time for this festive seasons :P

monlim said...

Thanks LadyB! It was originally slated for the Dec issue but got pushed back to Jan.

I think Andre had the most fun at the photo shoot, L-A was a bit self-conscious, she hates the fuss with makeup etc. What to do, I have one shrinking violet and one loud sunflower!

Anonymous said...

Congrates Mon! You look great in that dress!! Andre looks natural in front of the camera. You should send him for modeling class, sure can make big $$$. ^_^


monlim said...

Haha Chris, would you believe that I actually thought of it when he was much younger? (send my kids to work for cash, why not?!) Until I realised you had to pay for those coaching classes and portfolio etc. :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica, all of you looked great in the picture! and ... I think you looked gorgeous with your fringe swept to the side.


monlim said...

PeaTH: Wow, thanks! Actually even that fringe had a funny story. It kept sliding down to cover my face in the middle of the shoot, until I had to hold my head up tilted in a slightly spastic manner. Luckily it doesn't show :P

Elan said...

Totally agree with Lillian about the dress. It's a beautiful shot.
I must say that SPH is not very generous. After all, you gave up your time and posed for them and let them interiew you they should at least give you a nice framed copy of the photo! ;-)
Anyway, I'm sure you guys will remember this for a long time to come!

monlim said...

Elan: Haha, it's about copyright I guess! btw I wanted to thank you for the very nice quote, very sweet of you :)

petite fleur said...

Agree with Lilian - you look great in that dress !! Sounds like such a fun experience that you & the kids will remember for a long time. Need to get my hands on that issue.....& perhaps have you autograph it ?

monlim said...

Wah, thanks Mei, I'm so flattered! Aiyah, like I told Eunice, my autograph not worth anything lah...

Elan said...

You're most welcome Mon. Actually, they mangled my quote (usual problem with SPH I have found). This is actually how I replied to her question by email, just to share with the rest of you:

"She shares very similar views and writes very well and intelligently. She puts down in writing what I myself think but can't articulate as well. She speaks her mind and she writes a lot of about things and events that are very relevant to me as her daughter is also in the GEP.We are both the same age, Christians (I like the biible verses she puts up too), have 2 children the same age, get irritated by bad English etc. Through her blog I have gotten to know what is happening in other GEP schools and I also get an intimate glimpse of how another similar family live.

Hers was the first blog I started following. I had previously avoided reading blogs because I thought that they were all by giggly narcisscistic airheads with bad English. Her blog changed that impression and through her blog links I found some other sensible blogs by similar minded people."

(that means you, Lillian and petite fleur)

monlim said...

Elan: Wow, thanks so much! Such compliments :) Yes, I find that the press here are generally quite liberal in their use of creative license. Some of my quotes have been changed too. But I'm glad it all turned out very positive in the end.

DezMom said...

I've been a silent follower of yr's great! Grats on the article! I read the article n visited the other 2 moms blogs...I'm quite surprised one of them wrote almost the same thing as you! U see, even other blogger moms try to copy you...shows how popular u are. Keep it up!

monlim said...

DezMom: Umm.. don't really know what to say, except imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess! Thanks for reading :)

Lilian said...

Thanks Elan...Mei and Mon are two ladies I admire a lot too. And didn't I tell you when I met you how alike you and Mon are! I think I told Monica too right after my 'date' with you. Both of you come across quite serious online but are so giggly, girlish and sweet in real life. The laughing, giggling faces is what struck me as most similar about you two :) And of course, you also share so many other similarities that it's quite eerie haha. You two MUST meet!

monlim said...

Lilian: When you told me abt Elan, I said "sure or not?? She sounds so serious!" Then all the similarities were so uncanny. So yes, we have to meet up soon. Maybe Jan since Lilian will be here? It's long overdue!

Elan said...

Yes, we must meet in January.I'm dying to see Mon in real life.
I'm so sorry I had to miss the other 2 opportunities. (Some people gotta work y'know).When are you back in Singapore Lillian?
Did I really sound so serious? - better loosen up *shake* *shake*

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures of you and kids, Mon. Andre is such a natural in front of the camera. I have not gotten an issue of the magazine yet but sounds good from all the discussion. Will read it soon. :)


Anonymous said...

Ah...I finally got a copy of the mag. Nice article and many relevant incidents were quoted as highlights. Wow, you have been named by a US education provider as one of the world's top 8 education blog. Congratulations again. But I believe your best ROI of your blog is your great bonding with your kids.

With all the eating in your travel blog, you really look fit in the picture, no trace of a foodie. :)

The picture selected is an epitome of a very happy family.

Btw, I have a scanner, I can scan and email you if Lilian has not gotten the article.


monlim said...

QX: Thanks for the offer! Another mum Hsien has already scanned the article for me.

Wah, I never thought of my blog as having an ROI! What a great compliment :)

Ailei said...

Hi Monica, yup, u do look great! Both hairstyle and dress suit you! congrats on this, will look out for it! :)

monlim said...

Ailei: Great to see you here again! Thanks for the compliments and happy new year to you and your family :)

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