Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good tidings for 2010

Here we are on 31 December, at the turn of yet another year. Every year, I marvel at how quickly time has flown by and this year is no exception. If you're like me, this is probably the day you do some reflection over what you have achieved, cringe a little over the mistakes you've made and hope that the clean slate for the following year brings something better.

As we ring in 2010, I pondered over what I would wish my readers and I came up with two.

For parents, I wish you wisdom. Wisdom to:
  • know when to reign in and when to let go
  • discern the difference between sufficient and excess
  • know that the measure of a child is character, not exam scores
  • realise that perfection is as bland (and fake) as a Stepford wife
  • differentiate between your child's glory and your own glory
  • see all things in perspective, and if not, friends who can show you the light
For children, I wish you a genuine heart. A heart that:
  • is compassionate towards others and kind to self
  • understands the value of diligence
  • is upright without being uptight
  • covets little and is grateful for much
  • values the wisdom of parents... and overlooks the slips
    A very happy New Year to all of you and may your cup of blessings runneth over in 2010!


    Lilian said...

    Thanks for the wishes...I will show the boys your wish for them. I like this so much I'm gonna print this and pin it somewhere prominent when I get back to Moscow. Happy New Year my dear friend and Thanks for being there for me this past crazy year :)

    monlim said...

    A very, very happy New Year to you, Eddie and the boys too! Thank you for being the friend who shows me the light, ever so often. Here's to No PSLE in 2010!! :D

    bACk in GERMANY said...

    Thank you Mon for the wishes. They speak right to my heart, esp the part about "Stepford wife". Reminds me of someone. Pretty sure you know who that is. *snigger*

    ya, great suggestion from Lilian. Am printing it out to stick on my kitchen wall.

    Happy New Year ladies!

    naggo-nitemare said...

    Well put wishes! I need Wisdom Consistency! Mine comes in starts n spurts in tandem with my swinging moods, from dr j to mr hyde n back n forth, to n fro...

    A wonderful 2010 to you and your family! God bless!

    Domesticgoddess said...

    Hi Monica, thank you for the great list of wishes. Wise words, once again! I wish you and your family a very, very wonderful new year and thank you so much, once again for the encouraging advices this year.

    And you look great in a dress! By the way, I saw you at the studio on the day of the photo-shoot but I didn't recognise you. Wish I did! Would have love to say hi for sure! You were being photographed at the time I walked into the studio and Janice (the other mum) was having her make-up done. :)

    monlim said...

    Cindy: *Muak!* True friends always know what the other is thinking, keke...

    NN: Yes! We all suffer from the chronic Jekyll/Hyde condition - keep going! I have every confidence is your sensible ways :)

    DG: Thanks! Think I was probably too hassled that day to notice what was going on around me, haha.

    A very happy New Year to all you ladies!

    Anonymous said...

    Mon, I love your wishes for both parents and children with such eloquence and sincerity.

    I wish you and your family a God-blessed New Year in 2010.


    monlim said...

    QX: Thanks so much for your continued support. A very blessed 2010 to you too!

    Elan said...

    Dear Mon,

    Thank you for the very eloquent good wishes.

    All the very best for a blessed andd fruitful New Year for you and family too.


    monlim said...

    Elan: A very blessed New Year to you too and your family too! Hope we'll have the chance to meet up soon.

    Veronica_L said...

    Happy New Year!!

    Wishing you and your wonderful family(and this blog) a Happy New Year, and wishing you a fruitful and rewarding year ahead!

    monlim said...

    Veronica: A very happy 2010 to you and family too :)

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