Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reporting day

23rd December 2009 - a momentous day. Bright and early, Lesley-Anne joined hundreds of other students in a variety of uniforms, to report to her secondary school.

As we sat with other parents in the hall, watching our young 'uns with pride, it seemed like there was an invisible thread binding us together in our shared circumstances. Lilian wrote about feeling a great sense of school spirit when she was with Brian at his secondary school and I totally understand what she meant.

Everything was hustle and bustle today, the school had obviously gotten the system down pat through years of experience. Registration was efficient and orderly, followed by the massive rush to buy uniforms, books and stationery. The stiff crispness of unworn fabric and the woody scent of new books - they all added to the excitement in the air. Eager faces unjaded by familiarity, a brand new campus waiting to be discovered and fresh routines to be carved out. I'd forgotten how exhilarating it was to embark on a new chapter in school.

What wondrous adventures lie ahead? Nobody knows... but we can't wait.


Elan said...

I wish L-A a wonderful time in her new school.
Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful, blogful New Year.


monlim said...

Thanks Elan! I trust your son will enjoy his new journey in secondary school too. All good blessings this Christmas and New Year!

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