Friday, July 14, 2017

Win a Danger Dan book!

The good folks at Epigram Books have initiated a contest for Danger Dan fans - draw your favourite character and stand a chance to win a book!

The contest is on Facebook, the link is here. For the benefit of readers here though, I'm reproducing the details here.

Calling out to all Danger Dan and Gadget Girl fans! We want to know who your favourite character from the series is through your own hand-drawn version of him/her/it.

The best 3 entries will win any book of choice from the Danger Dan or Danger Dan and Gadget Girl series!

Your favourite character can be from any book from the 2 series. It need not be a main character; if your favourite character happens to be a snail that appears in one of the books, so be it!

Here is what you have to do:

1. Draw your favourite character and write 1 or 2 sentences
a) about the character and
b) why this character is your favourite.

Psst!: Colouring your character will definitely increase your chances of winning!

2. Sign off with your Name and Age.
Eg: Nicole, 10

3. Post on your FB page (if you don't have one, you can use your parents')
a) a picture of you holding the book your favourite character is from
b) a close-up picture of your drawing with the sentences

4. Tag “Epigram Books” and “Danger Dan” in your post.

You can post your pictures anytime from now till the deadline.
Deadline: 24 July 2017

And here's added incentive: the latest Danger Dan and Gadget Girl adventure, #4 The Zany Zombie-fest has just hit bookstores. If you win the contest, you can request for this book as your winning prize! So get your kids to put pen/crayon/marker/coloured pencil to paper and send in their entries 😃


kids swimwear said...

Is it open to any nationality.

monlim said...

Yes, it is! But I think the prize can only be sent to a local address.

Unknown said...

I can't tag Epigram Books and Danger Dan on my FB. Do I have to wait for your side to accept my FB?

monlim said...

Keegan: Oh dear! Let me alert Epigram Books and we'll get back to you. Did you make your post public?

monlim said...

Keegan: Can you try the following: 1) Make sure your post is public (the button is right below your name). This won't affect the rest of your profile even if it's private. 2) Like both Epigram Books and Danger Dan FB pages - maybe this will let you tag them. 3) Try tagging both pages again.

If all this fails, copy and paste the link of your post in the comment box of the contest post on the Danger Dan FB page. Or send us a message on the Danger Dan FB inbox. At least that will help us locate you!

Hope this works :)

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