Friday, June 30, 2017

Danger Dan gets a dose of culture

On Sunday, Lesley-Anne and I held the launch of our book, Secrets of Singapore: National Museum at...where else but the museum, and it was wonderful.

Frankly, we didn't expect such a great turnout. There were about 40 kids plus their accompanying parents - the place was packed. The museum told us some of them turned up specifically for the event, while others recognised the Danger Dan standee and registered for the event on the spot. How very heartening to know that Danger Dan has gained traction among kids!

We explained how we got to writing the book and cited examples of artefacts that were featured. There were at least a couple of kids in the audience who had already read the book cover to cover because they could tell us about the artefacts and even spouted back Danger Dan jokes to us!

Photo: Epigram Books
A treasure hunt was conducted where kids were given clues and had to run wildly wander around the museum and locate artefacts. The kids made us laugh a lot. "Can we take home the artefacts?" was one of the questions, which immediately made me imagine them doing a Mission Impossible-type heist.
Photo: Epigram Books
Elvin Ching, the illustrator of the book, did a live demo of the teams that won the treasure hunt. He is amazing.

Photo: Epigram Books
Winners got to take home a personalised drawing:

After that was the autograph session and again, I was astonished - there was a line! I feel almost...famous.

We signed lots of books and took many, many pictures.

Posting this one because Elvin is hilarious. He makes everything that much more fun.

At the end of the day, that's what writing the Danger Dan books mean to me - it's about making kids happy, and we met lots of happy kids that day. For all of those who came down, thank you for the support!

And here's something from a serious hardcore fan:

This is Sophie. 
Sophie is 7 and she loves spaghetti. 
But not as much as she loves Secrets of Singapore. 
Sophie has read Secrets of Singapore about a million times (she has lost count). 
She is an expert on facts about Singapore. 
She knows all the jokes by heart. 
She is Danger Dan’s number one fan. 
Be like Sophie.

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