Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Put to the test

We've arrived at yet another end of an academic year. Doesn't it feel as if the years fly by quicker and quicker? Especially when stores are chasing the Christmas dollar earlier each time. I was at Daiso the other day and was confronted by rows of $2 tinsel and baubles. In the middle of October? Let me catch my breath, won't ya?

The past couple of months have been especially hectic. For Lesley-Anne, it involved swotting for her prelims, frantically finishing up last minute papers set by equally panicky teachers, and now preparing for the 'A' levels which start next week. In the midst of all that, she also applied to several universities which meant the writing of personal statements. Oh, and throw in a few Danger Dan school talks. Phew!

With this, she has officially graduated from JC. I thought it was pretty momentous but for her, it was a non-event. She even forbade me from going to her graduation ceremony in school ("it's just 1,000 people going on stage to collect their certs! Very boring! Don't go!") Bah. All she did was watsapp me a photo she took during the ceremony.

Since I didn't get to go, I'm giving myself a parental pass to post an embarrassing photo! Photo on the right was taken on Lesley-Anne's very first day of primary school. See how far she has come! Aww...

Meanwhile, in the same household, I was going through a completely different type of stress with Andre. He was also preparing for his end-of-year exams but unlike his sister who was planning her time down to the practically the revision of each phrase and going at it with dogged determination, Andre's idea of revision was "I roughly know what topics will be covered."

His easy-going attitude and eternal optimism gave me sleepless nights. "Can you just make sure you're promoted to sec 4?" I begged. "I don't need you to score As. Just promote." I even roped Lesley-Anne in as tuition teacher for a last minute geography crash course. The very conscientious sister acquiesced, even though she was busy as heck.

I'm very happy to say that the exams are over and yes, he did promote to sec 4! In fact, in an inexplicable and baffling turn of events, his results were the best he'd ever achieved in secondary school. God really does answer prayers of desperation. In case you think it's just me having unrealistic expectations or underestimating him, this is the boy who told me, "I got 25/100 for A Maths! Woohoo!" When I looked at him aghast and asked, "How on earth is that a woohoo??" he replied, "Only 37 students in the whole cohort passed so 25/100 is average."

So Andre has officially concluded sec 3. Next year is the dreaded 'O' level year but that's in the future. Will worry about it later. For now, it's time for some chill time before Lesley-Anne gets down to business with the 'A' levels. Andre is cheering his sister on and I've always been thankful that my kids get along so well even though they're as different as sun and giraffe. Exams come and go but sibling ♥ is here to stay.


Karmeleon said...

Both my O & A level boys told me not to go for the school graduation. :p I don't even have photos!

Anonymous said...

wah Mon, that photo of the kids, er Andre looks like he is draping his arm over his gf leh, not jie-jie! =p


p/s all the best for LA's A levels! hope she gets the Angus Ross prize for Lit! =))) jiayou!

monlim said...

Karmeleon: Si geena! I give you permission to post their embarrassing baby photos! :P

Grace: Waaaah Angus Ross, your standard very high! Thanks for the good wishes. As for photo, Andre always says he doesn't want a gf so just brotherly love lor :D

Timothy said...

Hey mon! It's really heartening to hear your blog post on how your children are doing. Well, just to let you know.. For your son who's taking the 'O' level examination next year, if his dream is to pursue a polytechnic education, maybe you could educate him on DPA. Personally, I'm a successful DPA candidate and if he need any help, just email me. :D Or read the book on which I find it very helpful.

monlim said...

Timothy: Thanks for your advice. Yes, poly education is on the cards for Andre and we'll take a look at DPA.

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