Monday, October 19, 2015

Glamming it up for Women's Weekly

Lesley-Anne and I featured in November's issue of Women's Weekly! I thought it was a lovely photo shoot and interview.

Getting us both to look so "natural" is of course, a lot of work! Here are some behind-the-scenes shots. First, there's makeup:

Then hair styling. This guy Ashley is a genius. He managed to tame Lesley-Anne's unruly frizzes! Funny story: he was styling both our hair and he said in his experience, the stubbornness of a person's hair tends to correlated with the stubbornness of the person. Then he paused and said, "Both your hair very stubborn." Lol!

Then they give us outfits pre-picked for us. I have to commend the Women's Weekly team - they chose outfits that not only fitted us well but suited our personal styles. Kudos to them!

Test shoots:

With an ever-ready hair stylist! What would I give for one of those...

Here's a different pose that we were shot in but was not used in the end.

That was a fun experience and in the meantime, here are some exciting updates on Danger Dan - the first print run of Secrets of Singapore has sold out and is going for a second print run! Not bad considering the book was only released a few months ago. Woohoo!

And here are a couple of new reviews of Danger Dan and Secrets of Singapore: Our Baby of Love  and Priscilla and Her Books. So glad to hear of more kids and adults loving Danger Dan.

Finally, an event announcement: I will be a participant in this year's Singapore Writers' Festival. While Lesley-Anne is busy sitting for her 'A' levels, I will be part of a panel in the event, "Help, My Son Doesn't Read".

Date: Sun, 1 November, 4-5pm
Venue: Asian Civilisations Museum, River Room.

Admission is free so if you have nothing else on, why not come and hear what the panelists have to say about the topic?

See you there!

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