Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Danger Dan and the Runaway Readers!

We had a crazy day today. First, the big news: Danger Dan book 4 is out! Wahoo! Well, when I say "out", I mean it's fresh from the printers and we've gotten our hands on it. Unfortunately, it will take at least 2 weeks for bookstores to stock them on shelves... just a leetle longer, DD fans!

I think this is our favourite cover yet - both the colour and the design. Here's the lovely Aqilah from Epigram Books with the giant poster.

Don't the book covers look wonderful as a series? Such gorgeous shades!

Earlier this morning, we were at Holy Innocents Primary School to conduct a special Runaway Readers workshop for a class of p3 kids. This workshop was organised by the Singapore Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) as part of an initiative to promote Singapore literature in local schools.

We always enjoy ourselves most when the kids are participative and I have to say, this bunch was the most enthusiastic we've met so far! They were like eager little hamsters and bombarded us with lots of questions ("How did you come up with the name Danger Dan?" "What was your inspiration for the books?" "Which part of the book did you like best?")

As part of the programme, the kids had read Danger Dan books 1 and 2 and had done some activities before the workshop eg. they thought up alternative ways Danger Dan could time-travel and the different gadgets and costumes the characters could have. We were completely FLOORED by the level of imagination shown. (One boy wrote that if Danger Dan went into a lift and pressed every button, he would time-travel. Just so you know why kids do that!)

Who says local kids aren't creative?

We gave out prizes to some of the best entries (it was incredibly difficult to choose!) and the kids were really, oh so sweet.

As mentioned earlier, our Runaway Readers Workshop is organised by Singapore ASCD and the best part is, schools that are members of ASCD will have our visit and Danger Dan books for the students sponsored. So if you would like us to visit your child's school, do ask the school to contact ASCD directly and request for the workshop.

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