Monday, October 8, 2012

Post-PSLE euphoria and a double celebration

The last PSLE paper for Andre was science on Tuesday and the best way I can describe how Andre felt was when Frodo had finally thrown the ring into the Fire of Mount Doom and declared, "It is done!" 

It is done indeed. As for me, I had visions of George Michael belting out "Freedom!" in my head.

As it so happens, Tuesday was also Andre's birthday so it was perfect timing for a double celebration. Lesley-Anne was off from school as it was an elearning day for her, so we brought the whole family to Hard Rock Cafe for Andre's birthday lunch. 

Hard Rock Cafe is a perennial favourite for us and their weekday set lunch really can't be beat in terms of value and taste.  For $15 nett, you get a soup or salad, an entree, a dessert and free-flow iced lemon tea.

Andre chose the ribs for the entree - sizeable portion.

The dessert was the signature Hard Rock brownie with ice cream.  Words cannot describe how much we ♥ the Hard Rock brownie.

When we told the staff that it was Andre's birthday, in line with Hard Rock tradition, they sang him the birthday song, presented him with a complimentary sundae and even gave us a Polaroid of him to mark the occasion.  Awesome!

When we got home, he opened his presents and you could just see the unbridled joy bubbling over. Clearly, it's not really about the gifts, it's about having overcome a major ordeal.

This was Andre before the PSLE - doom and gloom.

And this is Andre after.

He's now vehemently opposed to any activity that requires "thinking", as he calls it. So for the past week, he has been binging on a diet of computers games, tv and aimless lounging. I suspect he will OD on sloth pretty soon and I should put a stop to it before his brain cells atrophy from disuse but for now, I'm letting him be.  He has worked hard and he deserves his chillaxin' time.

Many birthday blessing to you, my sweet char siew pau ♥ ♥ ♥


Anonymous said... sweet! Happy, Happy Birthday to Andre too!

The last paper for my Xiao Long Bao (yeh, it so happened that I have also nicknamed my son after a bao :) was also Science on Tuesday.

I can relate to this post of yours, from the emotions (To say I am relieved is an understatement)to the value meal. I should check it out one of these weekdays.

Thank you and congrats to all of us - we have survived PSLE.

monlim said...

Anon: Congrats to your little "bao" too! lol

And yes, do check out the Hard Rock set lunch, it's super :)

Anonymous said...

'Brain cells atrophy from disuse', 'OD from sloth'...hahahah! Tickled me silly. I truly wonder if they can rot from over 'gaming' and just doing nothing.

Ben is super enjoying his la la time. First thing he did was rip out his Chinese text book and bin it!

Let our kids enjoy themselves before the horrendous Sec school begins!(after PSLE results first of course. Fingers crossed!)

Jo Frets Lee
PS I'm a frigging robot if this doesn't get thru. AGAIN!

monlim said...

Jo: You did it! You're not a robot!! lol

Anonymous said...

Woah, Monica, congrats, everyone is super happy, we can see ...

Let the kids play like mad!

Maybe someone should print and sell "PSLE Survivor" tees! heheheeh


monlim said...

Grace: What a great idea. Sell them outside the school gate on the last day, sure get snapped up!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Feel happy for all of the p6 students! My niece can't wait to stay over at my place for her post PSLE relaxation. i have not been posting any msg but I have been following your blog still entertaining and thoughts provoking! Sometimes post my message to ur blog does not go thru! ~ my

monlim said...

MY: Thanks and nice to hear from you again! Yeah, Blogger can be really screwy at times, blocking genuine comments but letting thru spam :/

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Andre!! I am sure it was an especially special one this year as it marked another milestone progression in your life. Enjoy!

Have a well-deserved good break Mon!


monlim said...

Thanks QX! It was a milestone indeed. Next step is to pray for merciful marking, lol!

Anonymous said...

Monica, many kids put up post-PSLE weight and ballooned with all the eating and happiness. Then when they reach secondary school, they start to shrink in waistlines due to the tight schedules and heavy workloads. So cherish your cute son now .... He will disappear and become a tall, thin teenager soon *imagine that*


monlim said...

SL: I'll take a tall, thin teenager over a short, roly poly one!

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