Monday, October 15, 2012

Burn, baby, burn

This is PSLE marking week and I'm praying that the markers will be able to make sense of Andre's scripts.

Preparing Andre for composition was especially nerve-wrecking. Despite my pleas, he has a tendency to write grandiose plots featuring himself as the hero. When I told him it wasn't realistic to write about how he jumped on and single-handedly subdued a burglar, he asked earnestly, "Can I say that I tripped him up and he turned a 360 degree somersault?" 

Please, God, let the marker of his PSLE composition have a sense of humour. And preferably a few young sons.

What I'm very grateful for is that PSLE preparation has not affected Andre's self-esteem. When he is unable to make sense of a question, he's likely to conclude that there's something wrong with the question, not his intellect. For instance, there was a science question which asked, "what could be a reason why the graph shows no difference in the level of carbon dioxide even when the number of plants increased?" He answered, "the graph is wrong."

Lesley-Anne is also undergoing her end of year exams but I haven't been stressing out over it as I can trust her to do her own revisions. Like I always say, God is fair. When you have a kid who's relatively low maintenance, you can be sure to have another that will require double the effort.

Last week, we got down to clearing the p6 textbooks and PSLE assessment books. Andre declared rather savagely, "BURN THEM!"  Isn't it sad that the PSLE is such an unsavoury experience that most kids want to eliminate every sign of it when they're done? After the English paper, Andre told me, "it's raining sheep and goats!" When I looked at him puzzled, he explained, "English exam over. I've thrown all the English out of my head."

Being environmentally conscious, we didn't burn the books.  We sorted the books into two piles - textbooks and uncompleted assessment books to be given away, all others to be dumped in the recycling bin.

This is just a fraction of the school exam papers Andre has plowed through. So much paper! I really believe if the PSLE is scrapped, we can save an entire rainforest.

I also find it hilarious that Lesley-Anne was the one helping to sort the books while the owner of the books (and the resident bum) took a nap.

We ended up with four humungous bags of books to be reused. I feel sorry for the recipients already.


Anonymous said...

Hahahah. I had a good laff! He's personality is just like Ben's. Must be a Dragon boy thing. I've yet to get started on mine, but I'm taking the side of caution...wait for results!! Yay, oh woman of little faith, u say... :(

Jo Frets Lee

monlim said...

Jo: I think it's a combination of Dragon boy + last born!

I'm sure Ben did ok :)

Anonymous said...

Tks for sharing this funny account from Andre. My dd also chose to have amnesia aft the psle. Also, threw about 3 plus bags of books and papers into the recycling bin aft the last paper. She Didn't want to talk about it at all, and playing very hard now. Maybe psle is too traumatic an experience 4 a 12 yr old.

monlim said...

Christy: I know what you mean. He claims he can't remember any of the science questions! Talk abt selective memory :D

Ada said...

Hahaha, this must be one of the funniest posts I've seen on PSLE...Congrats to Andre & you & all at home - it's over!!! And seeing the 4 bags of books, I can almost understand why he's lying on the bed... It would take me a month to recover and I might even break out in rash to be within 1 metre of anything remotely PSLE related after the year-long ordeal!! Time to enjoy a nice long break.... :D

monlim said...

Ada: YES, nice long break for mother and son... at least until the results come out!

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