Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Of Kids and Education is on Facebook!

Ever so often, I would receive friend requests on Facebook by readers of this blog. However, since I prefer to keep my Facebook friends to people I actually know, I usually don't accept those requests.

Nevertheless, I do want to connect with my readers and fans and the blog platform is a little limited since they can only do so via the comments. Many readers, especially those too shy to comment, have thus remained faceless to me, which isn't ideal. I would love this to be a two-way street. So what I've done is to set up a community page for this blog on Facebook. It's something I guess I should have done a long time ago but just never got around to it.

The thought is that it will be a place where my readers can share their views on education and kids in general, and also interact with me and other like-minded parents, hence the name "Community". It's also there that I will post updates on this blog and any other random thoughts, Facebook-style.

I hope you will support me in this. Just click on the "Like" button on the top right hand corner of this page and visit the FB page to join in the community. See you there!


KD said...

Can you please post the FB link?

monlim said...

KD: The FB link is on the top right hand corner of this blog, where it says "Of Kids and Education Community" (next to the hedgehog picture).

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