Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chope... akan datang

This is not a post. This is an advertisement of sorts to let you know not to expect another post here at least until the school holidays are over.


1) It's the school holidays. My engine automatically screeches to a halt (as all mums of school-going children know, our circadian rhythm coincides with that of our kids). Often, my body is up at 9am but the brain doesn't cotton on till noon.

2) I was supposed to be updating my Travel Blog on our family trip to Darwin. For some reason, it's taking me longer to write about this 5-day trip than our three-times-as-long New Zealand trip last year. Bear with me and keep checking back there, I promise it will get done eventually.

3) In my defence, I did write a pretty long post before this - a substantial one talking about the education system and everything. I figure that justifies me to a two-week or so reprieve.

So, enjoy the break and I'll be right back.

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