Monday, October 10, 2011

Sec 2 poetry assignment - "In the Attic"

This is the second poem Lesley-Anne wrote as part of the assignment mentioned in the previous post. It's based on the set poem "Under the Stairs" by Frank Ormsby. I couldn't find a link so I'm posting it here.

Under the Stairs

Look in the dark alcove under the stairs;
A paintbrush steeped in turpentine, its hairs

Softening for use; rat poison in a jar;
Bent spoons for prising lids; a spare fire-bar;

The shaft of a broom; a tyre; assorted nails;
A store of candles for when the light fails.

- Frank Ormsby

The theme is forgotten corners and here's what Lesley-Anne came up with:

In The Attic

Step in and hear the floorboards creak
Listen to the dripping water where the roof leaks
Breathe the mustiness of old rotting wood
Spot a box half-filled with cans of petrified cat food

The walls feel cool & damp to the touch
The creepers up the window block out much
Of the light that once used to shine through
While faint rays make cobwebs shimmer like dew

Old Christmas ornaments all stored away
Patiently wait to be seen on that special festive day


Anonymous said...

Tks for posting L-A's poems. My son enjoys reading them a lot. He is looking forward to the 3rd one. I hope these lovely poems will lead him to enjoy writing and reading more poems.

monlim said...

Thanks and I'm glad your son enjoys reading them!

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