Monday, October 31, 2011

Lesley-Anne's sec 2 report card

Lesley-Anne's exams took place two weeks ago and just as she has done ever since she entered secondary school, she took on the planning and revisions entirely on her own. Which was a good thing, considering I was knee deep in house preparations and work, and had absolutely no time to watch over her (except to yell out "jia you!" whenever I remembered).

I always thank God that I have a motivated and sensible daughter whom I can trust to manage her own studies. Her year-end exam results are:

English & Lit - 81/100 (A1)
Higher Chinese - 130/200 (B3)
Maths - 90/120 (A1)
Science - 80/100 (A1)
Geography - 47.5/50 (A1, highest in class!)
History - 39/50 (A1, second highest in class!)

While she has generally been diligent, I sense that for this exam, she has finally found her groove in note-taking and study techniques, to optimise learning. That, I feel, is more important than the results themselves as it will put her in good stead moving forward.

Even though her Chinese results were the worst compared to her other subjects, we're actually pretty pleased with it. Over the past half a year, her Chinese has improve by leaps and bounds through sheer hard work and determination (and a very good Chinese tutor).

Recently, her tutor set her a mock exam paper without telling her it was actually an 'O' level Higher Chinese paper. Much to her own surprise, she scored A1 for it. A year ago, this result would simply have been unimaginable, when she was still identified by the school for Chinese remedial. Improvement is a great motivator.

PS Please don't ask me for the tutor's contact - I know her schedule is full and she already has kids on a waiting list.

We're very thankful and this marks a good end to Lesley-Anne's school year. By the end of this week, she would have completed sec 2. I know it's a cliche but gosh, time really does fly.


Karmeleon said...

Superb! Yeah, so fast - lower sec is going to be over. I just realised today that we'd need to be getting new uniforms for our sec 2 boy before he starts year 3. But I think we'd make that trip to Bibi&Baba after PSLE results so that we can get uniform for our p6 boy at the same time.

monlim said...

Karmeleon: I seems like just yesterday when our kids finished PSLE! Can't believe it's Andre's turn next year, sigh. You buy your uniforms from B&B? That's a household name in school uniforms :) We buy ours from the school.

Karmeleon said...

I find it easier to just go direct to B&B to get. Bc at school, it's either very crowded or they might be out of some sizes, etc. And if we need anything altered, B&B can do it too. And since we can get both boys' uniforms there, it makes sense to make the trip. If I time it during "off-peak" times, it would be even more of a breeze to make the purchases. I figure that the time just after PSLE results may not quite be that crowded - yet.

Anonymous said...

Yes, time flies. It was like yesterday when she took her PSLE. I remembered reading your choosing between Sch A vs Sch B dilemma and it was not too long ago..8) Congrats to her for the extremely fantastic results!


Hopeful said...

Hi Monica,

It's been a while since I visited your blog, but today's post is timely. i'm struggling with the issue of whether to upgrade my P4 girl's Chinese to HCL. She's done well enough to qualify for HCL and i'm facing pressure from family members and even her teacher to sign her up for it. however, in my opinion, she's probably better off taking it as an ordinary subject and enjoying it than as HCL with substandard results. would really love to have a chat with you offline to hear your views on this, since i recall L-A switched to HCL only in secondary school. How may I contact you?


monlim said...

SL: Thanks! It's a real blessing, I think we found the right school that has allowed her to blossom.

Hopeful: Would you like to email me? You can go to my corporate site (on right) for my email address.

Lilian said...

Congratulations Lesley-Anne! Top-notch results and best of all you did it all on your own. I have no doubt you'll continue to do great with your wonderful work ethic.

And super job in're sure you don't want to continue doing Geography?

monlim said...

Thanks Lilian! I actually asked her the same thing: "sure you don't want to continue Geog?" But I think she has her mind set on Lit :)

Cassandra said...

Hi momlin,

My boy is in P5 this year, will be taking his PSLE next year. He is did well in Maths (100%) & Science (85%) but quite weak in his Chinese (75%) & English (75%) He does not like read Chinese books but read a lot of English books. Both my languages are not strong. Just wonder how I can help him beside going to tuition. How do you prepare your kids for their PSLE? Any tips to share? Thanks.

Best Regards,
Cassandra Then

monlim said...

Cassandra: I wish I could help you but Andre has the same problem with languages. Tuition helps a little but I find that improving language is a long-haul affair, unlike say maths or science and reading is what helps in the long run. For me, I try to keep a longer term view by making Andre read more. It may not show significant results in time for PSLE but I believe moving forward, it will help him.

I didn't really do much with L-A for her PSLE as her school already gave her so much work! I think it's important they get enough breaks and rest, otherwise they'll burn out just before the main exams. Good luck!

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