Thursday, June 30, 2011

Berita Harian/Pilot Pen/Ashaway badminton competition

During the June holidays, Andre participated in the Berita Harian/Pilot Pen/Ashaway Youth Badminton Championships. Yes, it's quite a mouthful - guess they have to give equal weightage to all sponsors!

It's amazing the number of kids who signed up. Did you know that badminton is the no.1 most popular sport among students in Singapore?

Here are snippets of a couple of the games Andre played. He's wearing red in both.

It was also the first time Andre signed up for doubles in a competition. He doesn't always practise doubles so he and his friend need to work on their coordination but I thought it was a great experience, something different.


Anonymous said...

Hi there

Great blog! Your son plays v well! Stumbled onto your blog whilst searching for badminton classes for my 7 year old son. From the way your son plays, don't think he is a recreational player eh? Would u have rec of centres where my child can pick up some lessons to improve his game? Many thanks!

monlim said...

Thanks! Err.. not sure what you mean by recreational player. Andre is the school co-captain of the junior team but nationally in his age group, his skills are only average. It's a very competitive sport!

There are many badminton centres in SG, some of them are Li Ning, SBA, Flymax, Kason and I think Ronald Susilo opened up his own centre at ACS. You can check them out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Monica for listing the various centres, will check them out.

Oops.. should have guessed that Andre did not play recreationally, ie. just for fun, but plays on the school team!! I wish him well in his pursuits!

monlim said...

Thanks! It just happened that we introduced Andre to badminton for fun and he really enjoyed it, so at the advice of his school coach, we signed him up for training. But even if he wasn't on the school team, it's still a great sport for kids - relatively easier to pick up and it's an all-weather sport!

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica,

I think our sons would have been great friends if they do know each other. My son loves sports (badminton and soccer) - but make learning music seems too painful(for both himself and myself too).

So - am comtemplating if I should still continue with the music. As parents - it always seem such a waste that they have learnt it for so long (4 years) and can play relatively well (if he puts his heart into it). But whenever it comes to music lesson, the energy just dissipates - but miraculously, when the lesson is over, the energy comes back to kick the ball or do some other things. Hmm... So how?


monlim said...

YL: Haha, I'm at the same crossroads as you! I always thought I would make Andre take music at least up to grade 5, before letting him decide whether to continue. But the way it's going, doesn't seem possible. He'll be taking his grade 4 practical this year and it looks like he'll be stopping for good after that. The interest is just not there and I'm tired of being the official nagger. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mon,

Haha. Same boat - I promised my son that he may stop music after this year's practical exam :-)

By the way, Andre plays badminton very well, and I like his red shoes too. Well done.


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