Friday, March 11, 2011

American Idol-ism

In case you're wondering if the title of this post is a metaphor for something, sorry, it's not. This post has nothing to do with kids or education. It really has to do with American Idol.

Two reasons: 1) I have nothing to say about on kids or education this week 2) I'm a big fan of American Idol. Linked to reason no.2 is that I have a lot of opinions about this season (every season actually) and if you know me by now, you will know I cannot keep these opinions to myself.

I don't have a clear favourite yet - I think this is one of those seasons where my preference will change as it progresses. Part of the reason for this is that there are so many great singers this season. I believe this is the best lineup they've had for a long time and I credit the new judges for this (although they've been way too nice and unconstructive since the contestants hit the big stage). In the past, I've felt that Simon strong armed his way to get certain contestants who he feel are "marketable" and that often means young and blonde, voice was secondary (*ahem Kellie Pickler*). With JLo and Steve Tyler, it's quite clear they picked based on vocal ability so kudos to them.

At the moment, my bugbear is how everyone seems to be fawning over Pia. I disliked this girl the moment she massacred "I'll Stand By You" last week. The song is a tender message from one to another, declaring she'll stand by her friend/loved one. The way Pia screeched it, the friend would have completely drowned in Pia's pool of self-absorption. Apart from the original singer Chrissie Hyndes, Carrie Underwood nailed it as an example of how the song should be sung.

And then this week, Pia did it again. Wrung all the emotion out of that Celine Dion song by shrieking it to high heaven. Man, she's annoying. Almost as annoying as Lauren calling Ryan Seacrest "Peaches". In one of the earlier seasons, Latoya London sang the heck out of "All By Myself". Also a diva with a big voice but with all the emotion.

For now, I like Casey, Paul (not so much this week) and James. What they have in common is they all have big personalities and they seem very comfortable in their own skins. We'll see what happens along the way.

And just for fun, Lilian and I had such a laugh matching the contestants, some of whom didn't make the top 13, to their look-a-likes. Ashthon = Beyonce, Casey = Will Ferrell, Jacob = Bubba (from Forrest Gump), Scotty = Alfred E. Neuman (from Mad Magazine), Stefano = Joey Tribiani (from Friends), Brett = Simply Red guy, Robbie = Adrien Brody, Jaycee = Fat Bieber. Who knew there were so many lost relations!

Who out there watches the show too? Share your favourites and dislikes with me!


Anonymous said...

Scotty = Alfred E Neuman is so apt. :D

Lauren = Kelly Pickler. :)

Anonymous said...

That last comment was from me. Sue :)

monlim said...

Sue: Yay, you watch AI too! Scotty = Alfred was Lilian's contribution. It made me laugh so hard and now I can't look at him without thinking Mad Magazine!

Lilian said...

I always enjoy my AI chats with you, even though we've not always liked the same contestants hahaha. This year I think you are kind of biased against Pia, she's pretty good, and when she's competing she can't sing it laid-back style like Carrie, else hard to impress the judges and public leh. And I didn't really like Latoya's version :P

Paul really has to stop his hopping round the stage like a drunken old sailor or I'll have to rethink my 'lurve' for him, and I don't wanna do that especially after I just found out he shares the same birthday as me (and the King of Pop btw)...hehehe.

Very happy with this week's bottom 3 and ultimate oustee.

Yes, this year's finalists are the best crop we've had for a long time, but now that we're at this stage, I'm seriously missing Simon. The new judges are just showing too much love, suddenly Randy's the only one making some sense.

monlim said...

Lilian: Enjoy chatting with you abt AI too partly cos you don't make me feel like a frivolous bimbo for analysing a reality tv show to death :D

Totally agree Paul was like a lunatic yesterday and he really has to stop singing obscure songs that only he gets!

The judges all have their flaws. Simon was bad cos he always pimped the good-looking ones with weak voices while trying to appear objective. Steve and JLo now try to be ultra nice maybe cos they wanna sell their own albums and don't want to appear like beeyotches.

Like you, I'm happy with the castee. You know, the upside abt the judges being nice to everyone is that America has to decide for themselves who was good!

Lilian said...

Yes yes, you are right about the American public having to decide for themselves. So they aren't swayed by blatant pimping like in the past.

Also, someone was saying that cos this year there is so much involvement from the bigwig producers, the judges can't really say very bad things about the arrangement lest they offend the people they have to work with in future :D

Actually hor, that Diana Ross song I know very well and like very much, but she sang it so much worse. And on the results show, there's P Diddy singing this song Coming Home and the only bit I like is the bit where he's not singing hahaha, ie the beginning, by this singer called Skylar Grey. Wondering if there's a version where the entire song is just her singing :P

monlim said...

Like you, I also know that Diana Ross song v well so I was surprised when the judges said it wasn't well known. And she sang it so badly! Eeeeee, dislike P Diddy. Big ego, bad voice :P

Anonymous said...

Casey is my favourite!


monlim said...

Chris: Love Casey, esp with the bass!

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