Monday, March 7, 2011

3 memorable meals

Get ready for some gastronomic eye candy! Over the past few months, we've had some great dining experiences so I thought I'd summarise them all in one food post.

Memorable Meal #1:

It was Christmas time, and my sister and brother-in-law, being the wonderful people they are, treated us to lunch at Paulaner Brauhaus.

The highlight was the pork knuckle that Andre ordered. It's memorable partly because it's HUGE - just look at it! That must have been some pig. I had a tasting portion and I must say, it's possible the best pork knuckle I've eaten. Amazingly tender on the inside and crispy crackling on the outside.

Before you hyperventilate at the thought of this diminutive boy putting away such a gargantuan hunk of meat, let me assure you that he didn't finish it in that one sitting. He happily tar powed what was left and polished it off the next day.

Memorable Meal #2:

To celebrate my birthday, Kenneth brought me to the brand new Level 33 at the Marina Bay Sands Financial Centre. You might have guessed from the very unoriginal name that it's on the 33rd floor, with a panoramic view of entire city and Marina Bay area.

Currently, they're offering an executive set lunch at the very reasonable price of $33 (duh) which includes a mini appetiser and dessert buffet, with a main course. It's a terrific deal. The buffet portion doesn't have a wide selection but taste-wise, it was very satisfactory.

For the entree, Kenneth had the beer-battered fish and chips with mashed peas which is one of their best sellers.

Personally, I preferred my wagyu beef burger. Very tender and juicy, and I don't usually like thick chunks of meat. The accompanying truffle mayo was addictively tasty. If I could, I would bottle it and bring it home!

Level 33 also has its own micro brewery and Kenneth ordered a blond lager to go with his meal. According to the description, it has 4.5% alcohol, is smooth, full-bodied and slightly fruity. All of which means nothing to me since I don't drink but Kenneth says it's pretty good.

I would definitely love to go back except the parking sucks. The parking at the Financial Centre is almost always full so we had to park at the shopping side and walk over. And it's pricey too - 80cts per 10 minutes or something like that. It's probably easier to just take a train there.

Memorable Meal #3:

Finally, we had dinner with our good friends Isabelle and Joon a few weeks ago. It was a full fledged French dinner with foie gras, pan-fried escargot and confit de canard (duck).

It was a high caloric affair but oh, so worth it. Part of the attraction of visiting Isabelle and Joon is also their two gorgeous kids. Here's Andre playing Big Brother.

And that's really the best part of good food - being able to share it with warm and generous family and friends.


Anonymous said...

Oh I've been to the German restaurant many years back. Love it! The pork knuckle was really huge. I did not order that. I remember I ordered the assortment of sausages which tasted equally good as well and the famous vegetables called sauerkraut. They had their own micro brewery too. They have the white (or blond) beer and the black beer (like the guiness stout). Maybe I should go try again. I remembered that it was restaurant cum pub then whereby the ground level was the pub and the 2nd-3rd levels were the restaurant.

~ my

monlim said...

MY: You really must order the pork knuckle if you go back. It's the best thing on the menu and it's so large you can share it with someone. None of us liked the sauerkraut or red cabbage though, I think it's an acquired taste! Too sour for us.

Anonymous said...

Wow Mon, you so happening huh!

The executive lunch looks very interesting. I'm more interested in the beer ;-P. My Dh and I just started drinking beer. I have been trying all the different beer to see which is my favourite.


monlim said...

Chris: Oh, if you like beer, then Level 33 or Paulaner would be worth a visit, since they both have micro-breweries. We're not so happening lah, only for special occasions!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mon. Let me see what special occassion is coming up next...hmmm. Btw, can bring kids to Lvl 33 or not? I think my girls will love the dessert buffet.


monlim said...

Chris: I'm sure you can, if you can spare the expense! Actually, the dessert buffet was nothing much, just a few items. I'm sure there are much better dessert buffets around.

Anonymous said...

My fan=mily all not big eater, everytime we go for buffet sure lugi. I'm looking at the $33 (got ++ rite?) excutive lunch, it seem quite a good deal. You dunno my girls, they will enjoy the ambiance & scenery better than the food. The last buffet we went to at mercure roxy, both my girls only ate a few pieces of bagel and a bowl of soup, wasted my money!!! :-(


monlim said...

Chris: Wah, I hear also sim tiah leh, haha. Like this, aren't you better off bringing them to ala carte places? Then each can order what they like. Or you can ask me to come along :D

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