Thursday, November 18, 2010

Team KenDre on the Amazing Race

At Andre's school, a group of very dedicated fathers regularly organise activities for their fellow dads of the school. Last Saturday, it was a Father-Child Amazing Race, put together with the PE department.

It sounded fun so Kenneth signed him and Andre up for some father-son time together. Although it was dubbed the "Amazing Race", the event objective was to promote bonding so it wasn't really a race. At the school hall before the event, the PE head announced that there were no prizes for coming in first, the goal was to work together to complete the race.

Tell that to Andre. The moment the PE head said "go!", Zoop! our friend was the first one out the door.

There were five stations around the school compound, with two activities at each station. An example of the activities is the Blindfold Bean Throw, where the child is blindfolded and throws beanbags to the dad who has to catch them.

Another one was where the dad had to balance a yellow ball on a racquet and pass it to the child who had to "kiap" the ball between two racquets and bring it to the finishing line.

According to Kenneth, at least 50 father-child pairs participated in the event. That's a great turnout and they were lucky to have perfect weather.

Team KenDre came in 6th and Andre complained that they would've have gotten a better placing if Kenneth didn't keep forcing him to stop and take pictures. As Lilian said, it's like Team Jumba on the current season of The Amazing Race - kancheong son and relak dad.

Each team was presented with a trophy in the end, which I thought was a very nice touch. It now sits tall and proud on the wardrobe in Andre's room.


Lilian said...

Wow, looks like a really great day, who took the pictures, I love the one with Andres yellow shirt against the beautiful green grass, go BRAZIL!! haha. Yeah, I think they did better than Team Jumba lah, who came in 7th :P

And Kenneth is so great to do this with Andre. Next time your turn okay? haha...

monlim said...

Pics taken by Kenneth, except those with both of them, taken by organisers.

It's FATHER-child Amazing Race mah, they probably figured it's the dads not mums who need bonding time with kids!

Anonymous said...

Parents-child bonding activities are always great cos once they grow up, they are only keen to bond with friends. :)

The cycle to draw them back to us is when they have kids. Cherish the moments when we can and good that your school help in your case.


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