Thursday, November 11, 2010

A sleepover... in your own home

As the truism goes, the grass is always greener on the other side. Last year this time, Lesley-Anne and Andre were frequently squabbling in their shared room and dying to have their own space. Now that they have their own rooms, I had Andre tell me the other day, "It's so lonely to sleep by myself, nobody to talk to."

So Kenneth suggested that the kids hold sleepovers for each other. Lesley-Anne would sleep in Andre's room one night, another night, they would do the reverse. The kids got really excited about it. For us, there was the bonus of being able to save electricity from one air-con!

Funny how such a simple thing can become a major event. Andre invited Lesley-Anne over on Saturday night and gamely offered her his bed. It's not really as gallant as it sounds because he enjoys sleeping on the sofa bed but it's an arrangement they're both happy with.

Here they are sharing an interesting strip from Tintin.

And of course there has to be some clowning around. Wouldn't be a real sleepover otherwise, right?

Next week, it's Lesley-Anne's turn to play host. But I bet she won't be giving up her bed!


Anonymous said...

Such a fun household. I especially enjoyed the one with Andre and the blanket over his head :-)

My kids are still in the same room and cannot wait to get their own room. I'm sure like yours- they will miss each other when they get their own rooms, but they definitely cannot imagine that right now). Heh Heh!


Anonymous said...

Fun and cute idea...Great to have siblings!


monlim said...

QX: Yeah, it's nice when they're not clawing each other's eyes out!

YL: We're a family of clowns :P

mark said...

So cute...

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Ever wonder if you have a 3 kid, how would it be like? :)
~ my

monlim said...

MY: Too late to wonder :D

Lilian said...

Never too late :P hahaha.

Sean & Brian sleep in separate rooms. Brian now wants to sleep on his own a lot and only during the rare occasions when he's in a super nice mood will he invite Sean over and then he'll hug & sayang Sean and both will sleep on just one side of the bed.

Sean somehow manages to get either me or Eddie to sleep with him even though he's supposed to sleep on his own.

LA and Andre looked like they had tonnes of fun :) They should do this once every month!

Btw, they have very nice PJs huh? Brian wears a grey tee and boxers to sleep while Sean wears hand-me-down PJs that my mum bought from pasar malams hahaha.

monlim said...

Lilian: Every month? They're already planning to do it every weekend! And with the hols coming up, I'm sure it will happen more often, at least until L-A gets tired of Andre's nonsense, haha.

The PJs are from John Little, surprisingly cheap! When on sale, you can buy them for under $10 :)

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