Monday, March 1, 2010

Test your world geography knowledge

Kenneth has been urging me to post more about curriculum matters as he thinks parents are more interested in knowing what kids are learning at school. I don't know if that's true but I'm happy to give it a go. If you have any feedback on the type of topics you like to read on this blog, feel free to let me know.

It's more fun for me to post about secondary school curriculum because it's new to me. Almost everything that Lesley-Anne has been doing in school so far sounds interesting and refreshing.

Geography this term is focused on physical geography, including map reading. Below is the quiz that the students sat for (based on the given map) to test their knowledge of the topic. I'm also appending the answers below but just for fun, try the quiz before checking the answers to see how many you know. The numbers in brackets are the marks allocated to each question. The answers are below the map so don't scroll to that portion first.

1. Write the letter name and identify the mountain range located north of India. [2]
2. Write the letter name and identify the longest river in the world. [2]
3. Write the letter name and identify the mountain range located in Russia. [2]
4. Identify the continents labeled A and B. [2]
5. Write the letter name and name the ocean nearest to the coldest continent. [2]
6. Identify Sea C. [1]
7. Write the letter name and identify the capital of Australia. [2]
8. Write the letter name and identify the capital of United States of America. [2]
9. Identify Country D and E. [2]
10. Identify line X, Y and Z. [3]


1. P, Himalayas
2. H, Nile
3. W, Ural
4. A: Africa, B: South America
5. K, Southern
6. South China Sea
7. N, Canberra
8. L, Washington DC
9. D: The Philippines, E: Japan
10. X: Equator 0 degrees, Y: Tropic of Capricorn 23.5 degrees, Z: Arctic Circle 66.5 degrees


Anonymous said...

Mon, your blog is interesting to read based on your wisdom and insights regardless of topics. I am very poor in geography as there are too many memorising facts so this is not my cup of tea. :P But good to know that their Sec 1 geography seems quite cheem. I remember during my days, first topic in Geography was the Solar System!! LOL


monlim said...

Thanks QX! Solar system? That's strange - thought that would be under science!

Anonymous said...

Yeah that is currently grouped under Science in today's curriculum. But recently someone told me taken out of Primary Science too so I am not sure where it is covered now. But I remember we learned about that in geography then...started with universe/space, earth, weather, longitude, latitude...etc... something like that......


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