Monday, March 22, 2010

Breakfast for Andre

Before school closed for the holidays last week, Lesley-Anne's Civics and Moral Education teacher gave the class an assignment - the students had to perform five different household chores during the week.

This was Lesley-Anne's list:

1. Hang laundry
2. Fold clothes
3. Sweep floor
4. Dust furniture
5. Make breakfast for Andre

As you can imagine, it was the last item that elicited the most excitement from Andre. At last, his sister was going to wait on him and his stomach was the beneficiary. A double bonus!

The menu: scrambled eggs and cheese toast. Andre went crazy with the digital camera (I think he felt he had to record the momentous event).

The final product was pretty credible, so much so that Lesley-Anne gamely obliged with scrambled eggs breakfast for the whole family yesterday.

And here's the happy gourmand!


eunice said...

Andre looks ecstatic to have that breakfast! LOL

monlim said...

Eunice: He was!! Nothing like being served by your che-che :P

Shang Kok Keong said...

Thought we used to do this as a matter of our daily duties... it has since become a class assignment? Which reminded me of this recruit that my colleague had in his unit. When passed a "broom" to sweep the floor, he asked, "what is that?".
"That's because his maid uses the vacuum cleaner!" :)

Anonymous said...

I love the last picture, love Andre's expression!! LOL


monlim said...

Shang: In this day where maids are the norm, if not class assignment, some of the kids will never lift a finger at home! It's a different world lah, I'll wait and see how much housework you're going to let your princess do in the future :D

Chris: Food is a source of happiness for Andre!

Anonymous said...

While maids are no longer rarity in Singapore, that doesn't make it the "norm". I have someone coming in once a week to help clean, but my 2.5 and 5.5 yr olds still have to help with the laundry and sometimes with food preparation. It's all part of self-care and life-skills.

But I'm digressing - I love Andre's ecstatic face! haha! Priceless!

- Iris

monlim said...

Iris: You're right, wrong choice of word, I meant "common". Yeah, my kids help out here and there too but I know many have everything done for them. Nothing like making it a class assignment to ensure they do something! PS they even have to take photos to "prove" they've done the chores :D

Zelda Mohd Ibrahim said...

Dear Monica

I am a close follower of your blog. I find it very entertaining and it helps to destress. In addition, I get nuggets of information which is useful for upbringing of my 3 boys. My eldest just passed his Grade 1 piano exam. He was short of 3 marks of the merit cert. He used to love playing music. But now he finds it a chore. I have thinking of the reasons. Prob the toll of school and our expectations (piano teacher's and mine) are the reasons. Also I guess he is not playing the piano for fun.... he is just playing it for the exams. The teacher has very high expectations of her students. I was thinking that a change of teacher would be good. Someone who can inject fun into lessons so that my boy's interest in music will not totally disappear. he has actually asked if he could stop lessons. Do you have any contacts..?
I hope you would be so kind as to write to my hotmail add.Thanks!!

at wits end...
aka Zelda

monlim said...

Zelda: If it helps, that's quite a common phenomenon among kids - once the initial excitement wears off, it becomes a chore to practise. I would keep persevering but the teacher definitely plays a big part in instilling interest. Will email you separately. Thanks for reading!

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