Friday, October 9, 2009

What's the lesson again?

One of the areas we're constantly trying to work on in Andre's badminton journey is mental tenacity. As is common with young kids, Andre hates to lose. When he starts missing shots, he tends to get very emotional and frustrated, which as you would expect, causes him to perform even worse.

We're constantly trying to impart the lesson that attitude is as important as ability when it comes to sports. Kenneth always reminds him to focus on the next point and not dwell on the previous point that he had lost. Just one point at a time. Of course it's easier said than done. When Andre's on the court, his competitiveness explodes in full force, making it hard for him to accept failure.

Last week during badminton coaching, this point was hammered home. Andre was playing against another student in a 5-point round game. He was down 0-2 and his opponent needed only one more point to win the round. Coming from behind, Andre took the next 3 points and won the round, to the disappointment of his opponent.

In the car, we thought that was an excellent opportunity to reinforce the lesson. (We're cheong hei people lah!)

Kenneth: You played very well just now. So now you know what's important in a game?

Andre (promptly): Footwork.

Kenneth: No lah!

Andre: Smashing?

Kenneth: !!!! Aiyah, you were two down and you still managed to win. So what did you learn from that episode?

Andre (light bulb switches on): Not to get frustrated.

Kenneth: That's right. Of course footwork is important. But more importantly, you must never...?

Andre: Lose.

Kenneth: GAHHHH!!

Andre (catches on like a game show contestant): Give up! I mustn't give up!

I'm sure he would have gotten it right the first time if it was multiple choice...


Lilian said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! He may eventually learn to give you the answers you want to hear but I tell you, this little Napoleon Bonaparte is all about CONQUER TRASH WIN...who cares about all that sports psychology mumbo jumbo eh Andre, we want to see you SMASH them to smithereens! All the way to the Thomas Cup, little champ!

monlim said...

LOL, I'm sure you're right. We're all about sportsmanship, attitude, blah blah and for him, he just wants to win lah!!

Unknown said...

Hi Monica, I just happened to browse the internet and chanced upon your blog. Read thro it and found your sharings to be very relevant and close to my heart as I am a full time homemaker of 2 boys, P5 and P2.

Will continue to read your sharings. Cheers!

monlim said...

Marcsp: Thanks for popping by!

Veronica_L said...

I feel inclined towards accepting Andre's 'wise' advice. I'm sure he'll never lose with that kind of attitude! And, additionally, he could become a very good game show contestant.

What's more important-smashing or footwork? :)

monlim said...

Veronica: I think it's footwork but what do I know? :D

Anonymous said...

Andre is blessed to be born with the sportsman "killer" instinct but even more blessed to have sensible parents to put that instinct in the right perspective. I believe both will work well in tandem for his search in excellence in badminton.


Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

Must never .... lose! LOL!!!

Pete said...

Hi Monica,
I am looking for a good badminton academy and would like to get details of the place as my child has a keen interest in the sport. Thanks

monlim said...

Pete: There are many badminton coaches around and quite a few schools, I don't think I'm in a position to recommend any as we've only experienced one (and for privacy reasons, I prefer not to reveal which one it is).

Perhaps you'd like to approach the Singapore Badminton for recommendations? Here's the website:

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