Friday, September 18, 2009

Pictures of friendship

Two recent incidents reminded me how fortunate I was to be surrounded by warm, generous people.

The first was a trip to Hard Rock Cafe to meet Lilian and her friend. There were three of us adults and seven kids, from ages 7 to 13. What a whale of a time we had! The food was fabulous and the kids got along famously, releasing balloons and mixing up weird concoctions using condiments. Lesley-Anne was the only girl but she seemed to take it in her stride.

Anyway, I've said it before but I'm truly grateful to have found a friend in Lilian - we can be silly yet muse over serious issues, and even tell each other off sometimes, knowing that our friendship is secure enough not to be threatened by differences in opinion. Not that I should take it for granted but it's nice to be around friends whom you can be yourself.

After lunch, Lilian and I took our kids for a stroll at Ion and this was a great shot taken by Lilian.

Do-re-mi-fah, all in a row. I love this picture - you can obviously tell they're enjoying each other's company.

The second incident was sometime last week when I received a surprise package in the mail. I opened it and found four bookmarks, lovingly hand-made for each member of my family. You can tell who they're for by the initials. On top of each bookmark is a jigsaw piece, also hand-made. They fit together and spell out Blessed Family.

There was a note with the gift - it came from one of my regular blog readers. I'd previously sent her a dvd that she'd ordered so she knew my address.

To know that someone whom I've never met would show me such kindness was just heart-warming. It's almost enough to stop a cynic in her tracks. She didn't want me to let on who she was and I'm respecting her wishes, but I wanted to share this wonderful gesture of friendship on my blog and tell her how much I appreciate the thought. Maybe she'll decide to reveal herself.

At the risk of sounding like a sentimental fool, if friendship was wealth, then I'm as rich as Bill Gates.


Lilian said...

What a lovely post...if I could write as well as you do, this is exactly what I'd have written :) The feeling is entirely mutual and the respect I have for you arises from your compassion, grace, humour, wit and of course great intellect.

I've told you before, you are blessed with the ability of knowing exactly what to say, in a way that's real and that uplifts other. I've been constantly amazed to see just how easily you are able to understand me and my hang-ups!

Thanks for being a great friend and my pseudo-shrink too :)

And those are beautiful bookmarks, so thoughtful and personal. I think I would know who sent you these if I searched through your old post on an old video you and the kids love.

monlim said...

Lilian: you know, in some warped way, we probably have PSLE to thank to bring us closer together! Nothing like sharing common stresses to strengthen ties :D

breve1970 said...

A moving post.

Here's to a great friendship between you two beautiful ladies. Such friendships are very hard to come by.

Anonymous said...

Mon, it shows how much your blogging has touched people's lives. :) I believe you earn your friendships by your great personality. It says alot.

It's nice to see the joy of your lovely friendship with Lilian cascading to your children as well. :)


monlim said...

Awww... thanks QX and Ann!

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