Monday, September 28, 2009

Best online bookstore -

Lilian recommended the online bookstore Book Depository on her blog and I decided to check it out. I was so impressed with it that I thought it was worth a post here.

It's a UK-based site and it's biggest draw is free delivery to anywhere in the world (well, except to Russia apparently, to Lilian's chagrin!) That's right, you heard me. Free delivery. I couldn't quite believe it at first, considering the high cost of overseas postage for something as heavy as books. What's the catch?

Nothing, it seems. The book prices are not marked up to cover postage costs and there's no minimum purchase required. In fact, I found to my surprise that the Beast Quest books that Andre is so fond of are even cheaper from the website than buying from Borders with a discount coupon!

The range is pretty terrific too, from my short time surfing the site. Lesley-Anne found several titles that she had been scouring the library for, which couldn't be found at Borders.

I decided to give it try and ordered two books on 17 September. Payment was simple via Paypal, which is hassle-free and safe. You can also pay by credit card. Both books arrived on 24 September (just a week!) in immaculate condition, individually wrapped in bubble pack envelopes.

I'm completely sold! Best online booksite I've come across. Beats Amazon by a mile especially with regards to the shipping. Thanks a million for the rec, Lilian. Looks like we'll be shopping there for a bit!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mon,

Guess what? The first thing I check out is the Horrible Science Box Set cos I just ordered it and waiting for its delivery from UK. Henggg lah.. still cannot beat the combination of this box set + + vPost + uob card due to the amazing discounts during this period. I paid only about SGD$80 for 20 books. But of cos lah, + vPost = TKK (Tan Ku Ku) delivery.

Thanks for the recommendationm so now I have more choices!


monlim said...

SC: The great thing about this site is it even gives you a price comparison with Amazon, so you can see which offers the better deal :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica, thanks for the link. It's really useful. Finally found the few books that I've been looking for - and at decent prices too!


Lilian said...

Wah your books arrived so quickly. Mine took about 2 weeks I think, and like you said, in perfect condition.

All thanks to Slim who recommended the site.

Anonymous said...

Really?!! That's great! It sure makes online shopping a lot easier.


naggo nitemare said...

tks so much for sharing this site! my son is a huge fan of alfred hitchcock's the 3 investigators. Oddly, the public libraries and bookstores don't stock these titles anymore. But this site has all of them! Free delivery too! Amazing! Cheers!

daphne said...

Thank you for the recommendation. My husband could not believe that there's no delivery charges & no min. quantity required.

Now we'll have fun shopping too.

Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Mon/Lil, Thanks for the lobang. I WAS not a very online shopping person but I think some things I AM catching on.


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