Friday, August 28, 2009

One year on... and why I keep writing

I'm not sure if you'll be surprised to hear this but today is the one year anniversary of my blog!

I can't believe I've done this for a year. For those of you who are expecting a spectacular, witty or fabulously thought-provoking post to mark this occasion, sorry to disappoint you. Here's a confession: I'm kaput of ideas.

For a while now, I've been dragging my feet at blogging. My faithful followers who've been with me since Day 1 may have noticed that I started out with one post everyday, followed by five a week, then four and now three (and struggling to maintain three). Like most projects and most people, I start out full of enthusiasm and then run out of steam. On days when I'm up to my eyeballs in work or have on my mind other matters like DSA, PSLE, badminton, the last thing I want to think about is what to write for my blog. Doesn't help that my blogger pals, Lilian, Adeline and Cindy have also slowed to a crawl or thrown in the towel completely. Wei, can you all start the engines again? No kaki where got fun liddat??

Blogging is siong because there is no finish line. As a professional writer, my motivation is often writing that very last page or vetting the final proof (because it means I won't have long to wait for the paycheck!) So in that sense, blogging is very daunting because the end is never in sight. Maybe that's why many blogs just die a natural death. I'm reluctant to let that happen. If I want to stop my blog, I want it to be a purposeful, deliberate decision, not something that occurs due to lack of inspiration.

I did a quick review of my posts over the past year to remind myself why I started this blog to begin with. I didn't have lofty ambitions when I began, I wasn't even sure if people would tune in. I had a few strong views that I wanted to broadcast, opinionated as I am. (I've certainly come a long way from my very first post griping about a certain individual). But in the past year, my views have evolved, concretised and even grown extensions. Such is the power of written expression, bolstered by ongoing feedback. On this anniversary, I've become emboldened to dream bigger - that my blog can actually make a positive impact on somebody.

And for now, this is the reason I feel compelled to keep chugging along, even though it's tough going at times. I don't have delusions of grandeur, I don't expect people's lives to change dramatically from reading my blog. But if one parent can see the value of letting her child pursue her passion for sports instead of single-mindedly focusing on mugging, if one student can see that she doesn't have to memorise model compositions to write well, if one teacher can stop pushing kids to compete for that extra ½ mark in an exam, well, then that sentimental side of me wants to believe that it's an endeavour worth continuing.

So to my readers, I promise I'll keep at it for as long as I can. I'm not sure how long that will be. Keep the comments coming - they let me know what you think and add that element of interaction to what would otherwise be a one-way street. I'll also confess that they boost my morale just a tad :) I only ask for a little laxity if I start to ramble or blog about irrelevant stuff, if only to fulfil my promise of putting something out! In the meantime, here's to happy kids and happy parents.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mon,

Happy anniversary! It's a milestone. All the blogs I had followed before I stumbled across yours died of natural death (or well, almost,for some, as posts reduce pathetically to just 1 or 2 per month).

I like what you said about being a positive influence to someone, anyone out there. I only heard my hubby say this before. It's heartwarming to know that there's another person who also wants to do that. I hope your blog will reach millions of people. Keep up the good work, and keep blogging! : - )

Last but not least, I like your blog best!


Lilian said...

With apologies to Helen Reddy:

And we all said,
Keep on bloggin',
Don't stop bloggin',
You're gonna be a star someday (you already are in our eyes!),
You're gonna make a lot of people happy,
When they come to read your blog...

Keep on bloggin',
Keep the posts a comin',
Spread the word from town to town,
There's not enough love in this old world,
So spread your word around!

Love you, love your blog, so don't you ever stop blogging my friend...Happy Anniversary!

monlim said...

Thank you SC, I'm so touched by your kind words. You're definitely an encouragement!

Lilian, what can I say? Your friendship means the world to me and you make me laugh. Thanks a million!! Mwah!

Alcovelet said...

Happy Anniversary, Mon!! It's been a terrific year reading your thoughts and how you approach things in life. I'm glad you chose to break out of your hermit mould cos you definitely made a difference to me!

Here's to many more years ahead!!!

monlim said...

Aww... thanks Ad! I've really enjoyed reading your thoughts too... imagine, we never would have met if it weren't for blogging. For that, it's worth it!

Unknown said...

Hi Monica,

Your blogs are super insightful without being didactic:)!!!Happy one year anniversary and many more good years to come:)!!!
God bless you

LadyB said...'s been a year & tt really shows something...well done & keep tt spirit going :-).

Anonymous said...


Happy anniversary!! Here's a toast to you & your wonderful blog *clink* *clink*

I have to thank Lilian for introducing your blog to me. Thank you, Lilian! Here's another toast for you too! *clink* *clink* ;-P I'm so happy to know you!

Both of you are very kind & generous in sharing. I have benefited a great deal from reading both your blogs. Keep it going, ladies!!


Unknown said...

Keep it up Mon!
I promise I won't let my kids mug, let them pursue sports if they want, will not strive for extra 1/2 mark and I won't even let them (or myself) read a model composition.

There! Now you can keep going.

Oh and I don't read any blogs except yours. Honestly.


monlim said...

Thanks y'all! See? I knew this blog was worth the effort :) Dan, I love your comment. You're in the best environment for your kids, for sure! Way to go, super dad!

Anonymous said...

Oh...looks like I am late...and literally...the owl reader of your blog.

If the sun can stop shining
The globe can stop spinning
The rivers can stop flowing
The wind can stop blowing
Your wisdom can stop showing
Your mind can stop boggling
Then you can stop blogging.... LOL

Cannot right? Then the verdict is clear... :P

Happy first year anniversary!


monlim said...

"If your mind can stop boggling" LOL!!! There are just so many talented mummies here, I love it! Thanks so much for your staunch support, QX :)

breve1970 said...

Hi Mon

You don't know how much I have learnt from your educational, thought provoking and informative blogs. And such selfless sharing by you, Adeline and Lilian. I would never have got to know you and Lilian if I didn't read your entries from Ad's blogs.

Thank you for everything! Happy Anniversary, my friend!

Anonymous said...

:) You are most welcome, Mon. Perhaps one other thing your blogging manage to achieve is to draw out the talent of the mummy- readers too! Another reason to add to your list for you to continue. :) Personally I also enjoy reading the comments of your other readers especially your good friend, Lilian's witty remarks and the great friendship between both of you that further warms up your blog.


monlim said...

Thanks Ann and QX, I've enjoyed getting to know you and your beautiful daughters too! A big plus of the blog is "meeting" great mummies like yourselves, and sharing experiences. Makes my life that much richer!

Hsien said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your blog and the way you write. You're one of the most sensible parents I know! Hope we'll be able to meet in person sometime. :)

monlim said...

Thanks Hsien! Would love to meet up too. Lilian says we're somewhat alike so I'm sure we'll get along just great :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica

Happy Anniversary! I enjoy reading your blog and I'm sure you've given many a parent food for thought regarding our education system. Please do continue writing. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Monica
Has it been a year already? Gosh, where has all the time gone? Happy Anniversary!

Thank you for chugging along, I continue to enjoy reading your thoughts and stories. Sometimes when I don't find new postings, I wonder if you are ok. :-).


monlim said...

Thanks Sue and LL! Wah, LL I'm so touched you actually wonder if I'm ok... yes, more often than not, I'm just hassled and lazy :P

Elan said...

Dear Mon,
Happy 1 year anniversary. I have truly enjoyed reading your blog. It is great to have someone who thinks so much like me about our kids and yet who is so much more "put together" and organised. Someone who despite all the demands of career and kids faithfully dedicates her time to writing these insightful and informative posts. Someone who distills those nebulous thoughts floating in my sieve-like brain and puts fingers to keyboard.
The fact that there have been so many responses already in such a short time shows you how many people enjoy reading what you write and I hope that spurs you on and gives you some inspiration.
I hope to meet you soon in person.
Thank you and God Bless!

Veronica_L said...

Hey Monica,

Congrats on reaching your first blog anniversary! Your blog is really the best one I have seen and read and I just want to tell you that I truly enjoy your blog!

I'm going to comment on every single post from now on to make sure you don't stop!!! haha...but really, this is a very good blog.

monlim said...

You ladies are truly so sweet lah... *sniff*. Elan, I'm not sure if I'm all that "put together" but I'm glad to know there are other parents out there like me!

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