Friday, August 14, 2009

Ode to reading (with apologies to Popular Bookstore)

You've seen it all before
Kids sprawled all over the floor
With grubby hands on books
Getting sneak peaks at the store.

Popular says, "It's a good habit
But there's a library opposite.
If you want Artemis Fowl,
Perhaps you'd like to buy it."

So the kids don't get free reading
As their parents do their shopping
And I do understand, really
Even though I hate paying.

But what's this I see?
A boy in a yellow tee
Absorbed in his Beast Quest
A refreshing sight for me.
Because it's Andre reading!


Lilian said...

LOL very cute...but the poem's a bit too short lah, makes me feel like I was only halfway through the mains, where's the rest of my meal and DESSERT!

Andre looks so pudgily cute here hee hee.

monlim said...

Wah lao, you very demanding lah... it was my half-baked attempt at jazzing up an otherwise boring post. Can panchan or not?? TGIF!!!

justpassingby said...

Hahahaha... Never mind Monica... I helpch you!!


I see a boy in yellow tee
Sitting oh-so quietly
Cross-legged, hunched upon the floor
Of Popular Booktstore.

Instead of asking him to stop
His mommy almost wants to flop
Next to him to take a look
At his Beast Quest book.

Only common courtesy
Stops her sitting down with he
She's far too big to join him there
Absorbed in reading, nary a care...

Alas this practice is frowned upon
The staff feels this is so "not on"
"You want to read, then you must pay,
This kind of thing no need to say...
Don't want to pay then take a walk
Go to library, read, don't talk,
But there the books can read for free,
No need to spend any money."

But this time nothing can kill
His mommy's feeling of goodwill
No matter what the size of bill
For Andre's reading, reading still!!



monlim said...

JPB: Excellent lah!! We got us some talented mummies here... maybe you shd ghost write for me, save me thinking of a few posts lol!

justpassingby said...

hahahaha... alamak, my own blog I also lazy to post already... ask me to ghost write for you some more?!? LOL.

But I enjoy writing rhymes. It's a challenge to get the rhyme pattern going and the rhythm just right. Haha.

Lilian said...

Wahhh, another talented rhymer. Thank you for the entertainment JPB. Monica, you carry on lah, make this a chain rhyme hehe...*pressure pressure*

monlim said...

Chain rhyme???? Ok err... how about you start? keke...

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