Friday, June 26, 2009

Viva la friendship!

It's funny to think of Lesley-Anne having an "old friend" since she's only 12 but I sense that the affection and nostalgia usually attached to the phrase apply to the way she feels about Brian. It's not just the fact that she has known Brian since she was in k2, he was also one of the rare playdates I'd arranged for her (though come to think about it, they were normally initiated by Lilian.)

The two of them have a lot in common, they're both quiet, reflective and bright, and they liked the same types of games like board games and soft toys. Even though Brian drew a blank when he tried to teach Lesley-Anne chess! So it was with some regret when Lilian and family had to leave Singapore. Both kids were only in p1 then.

Well, both of them are now in p6. How time flies! It was with great anticipation that Lilian, Brian and Sean paid us a visit yesterday. This post is mostly a duplication of Lilian's post but I really wanted to record the visit. I was wondering if it would be awkward between Brian and Lesley-Anne since they haven't met up for such a long time. But no, they seemed to get along reasonably well, probably helped by the spontaneity of their younger siblings.

Here they are playing with the hamster (left) and a board game (right), although Sean lost interest after a while and was perfectly content chuckling to himself while reading Calvin and Hobbes.

Lunch was baked pasta (see how much better the photo is with my new Canon Ixus!!)

Tea was banana chocolate chip cupcakes, which I'm happy to say, was a great hit with Lilian. No talk of diets at my place, Lilian!! The photo was hers, by the way, mine were all blurry. Seems like my tremulous hand can subdue even the best camera...

We had an absolutely fabulous time and I'm not just referring to the kids. Chatting, gossiping and grousing about DSA with Lilian was just what I needed to relieve stress. Nothing like having an empathetic companion! Aside: although Lilian knew each other from way back during our NUS days, we weren't close until we became neighbours and enrolled our kids in the same primary school. Since I started my blog and consulted her, the blog guru on technicalities, we've grown much closer and I think it was a surprise to both of us how much we have in common in terms of outlook and beliefs. Thanks a million for the friendship, Lilian - you're a godsend in this pressure cooker world of exams and obstacle courses!

Of course we had to capture a shot of Brian and Lesley-Anne for old time's sake. Here's a picture of them back in 2004.

And here they are now. All (almost) grown up! The stuffed elephant next to Brian is the same one he's holding up in the picture above.

And here's a shot of all four rascals together.

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one." - CS Lewis


Lilian said...

I love the CS Lewis quote! How many of the "What! You too? I thought I was the only one," have we said to each other in the past year! So many it's impossible to count. Shooting long emails to each other till late in the night, just cos it was so amazing to realise how similar our views were on so many things!

Seriously, this strengthening of our friendship the past year is definitely heaven-sent, especially in stressful times like this. Other friends who aren't in our situation will not be able to understand what we're going through.

While we have no control over the DSA outcome, having someone sensible like you to moan and groan to has been sanity-saving for me. Thank YOU for your friendship, generosity and always spot-on advice!...and for always keeping it real.

monlim said...

I don't have much more to add to your comment except MWAH! Big grateful virtual kiss to you. See if you get posted back soon so we can start our business venture of stressing out other parents, hehe...

All the best to Brian tomorrow... oops, today!!

Alcovelet said...

So glad to see you gals having so much fun and being able to go through this anxious period together. And it's so precious to see the kids having a good time too. I totally agree with Lilian - you're always so sensible and down to earth. Both of you, actually. AND, not afraid to say what you think.

Here's to brave, strong, generous women!

monlim said...

Thanks Ad! You're right, it's so great to be able to go through stressful times with someone. You're another brave, strong, generous woman and I can just imagine six years from now, you angst-ing over the same issue with Cindy and all the other fabulous ladies!

We have to meet up all of us while Lilian is back :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful friendship from parents cascading to the children.

Perhaps I have seen too many negative examples or experiences, such friendships you have is truly valuable in a competitive world like ours. I am also inclined to think that confident people will know how to maintain such friendships.

All the best for your kids' PSLE preparation and regardless of the cohort's relative performance, your children are already being brought up as winners from what I have read in your blog. The rest would be to leave it to God's good hands.


monlim said...

QX: Thanks so much for that vote of confidence! It's true, I've seen many competitive people as well, where the friendships are superficial because underlying it, they're competiting with each other in every way which is so unhealthy.

Such true friendships are rare and a godsend. I wish you the great experience of such friendships as well!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mon, but if you have read my entry in Lilian's blog, you will know that it's tough like striking TOTO! LOL.. I am happy enough that God has blessed me to learn how to live with it. If He decides to bless further, I will receive it with thanks. :)


monlim said...

QX: I read your comments on Lilian's post. Sorry to hear you haven't had much luck with friends. I know that kind too - everything is a competition, can never be happy for you! Well, I'm with Lilian, I try to stay far far away from such parents cos I think it's unhealthy for both me and my kids to be around such people. Nebber mind, you can hang out virtually with us - we're all about encouragement and edification :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Mon, I like this virtual hang-out actually, it's indeed encouraging and edifying to hear what you ladies are sharing and good to know there exists a different species(this is a compliment) somewhere on this little dot.

I work in a highly competitive industry so naturally I am not spared from active competition all the time. I am kinda immuned to it even though I share the stories with you so I don't make any effort to stay away. Actually, you ladies are the exceptions! :)

If you allow me to use the same analogy I once read about "laundry" for competitive people around us,
"You can run away from them but you cannot hide from them"


breve1970 said...

This blog moved me to tears.. such great friendship between you two great ladies.

And Monica, you are right. Cindy, Ad, Sarah, Ailei and myself would be going through the same issue 6 years from now and 2 years earlier for me as well:).

All the very best to L-A and Brian in their forthcoming major exam!

monlim said...

Awww... Ann, I'm thinking that with so many competitive parents around, I seem to know more than my fair share of nice ones! Thanks for the good wishes.. when your time comes, I'm sure we'll be right there cheering you on as well!

breve1970 said...

Thanks Mon. :). I will need that!

breve1970 said...

Can give me the recipe of that sinfully delicious chocolate cupcake or not ah? Looks so professionally done... mine can never ever turn out like that.

monlim said...

Ann: The link to the recipe is in the post. Try it and tell me how it turns out!

breve1970 said...

Okie dokie. Thanks.

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