Saturday, June 6, 2009

Super simple baked pasta

Last week, I came across the range of Leggo's Pasta Bake sauces at the supermarket. I read the recipe included on the side of a jar and it looked easy peasy to make. Plus my kids love eating baked pasta at Italian restaurants so I thought it was worth a try.

There are several flavours, I bought this one - the Pasta Bake sauce in Tomato, Ricotta and Spinach, a 575g jar.

We made the dish on Tuesday night, served it with corn on the cob. The kids loved it! So as usual, only when a recipe passes my kids' taste test, it gets blogged about here.


250g pasta
1 jar Leggo's Pasta Bake sauce
5 strips back bacon
1 cup mozzarella cheese

Baked Pasta with Bacon

1. Boil pasta until al dente. Drain.
2. Fry bacon and cut into small strips.
3. Place pasta in shallow casserole dish. Add bacon.
4. Add whole jar of sauce and mix well.
5. Cover top of pasta mixture with cheese.
6. Preheat oven to 200 degrees celcius.
7. Bake for 20 mins.

I used bacon but I guess you can substitute it with chicken pieces, mushrooms or whatever ingredients you like. I also used shell pasta but macaroni will work just as well.

Here is the final dish. There were no leftovers!


Lilian said...

Salivating here...looks really good.

monlim said...

Another dish I have to provide when you come a-knocking? LOL!!

Sue said...

Yums! Must give it a try. :)

Anonymous said...

wow... this looks simple, deliciious and easy to make! I was just about to try one of those macaroni and cheese quik fix boxes... but now will give that a miss and go for leggo's!

Jen said...

I chanced upon this blog and I must say that this is a really fantastic one.Hmm.. my hunger pangs are gnawing at my stomach now. You must be a terrific cook to receive so many raving accolades!


(P.S. Can you post more of L-A's composition that she has written this year? I feel that her composition is excellent!Please, Monica.)

monlim said...

Thanks! I'm not a good cook lah, that's why have to try these easy, fail-safe recipes!

Jen: L-A hasn't written many compos this year, I think they tend to make several revisions of each compo. But I'll take another look at her file :)

eunice said...

Tummy growling now looking at pic. Anything with bacon can't be bad. Will definitely try it out. Yuuuummm

Anonymous said...

I would like to try out your recipe but what kind of cheese to create that top layer of your baked pasta? Sorry to ask a stupid question this is my first attempt to learn cooking. Looks so easy and hope it is really easy to cook too.

monlim said...

Anon: I use mozzarella cos that gives that sticky, gooey layer that's so great. But mozzarella can be quite fattening so if you like, you can combine it with grated cheddar, works as well.

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