Thursday, April 9, 2009

All the better to see you with, Mummy

Last week, Andre had a eye check in school and turns out his myopia has gotten worse, so he has to change his glasses again. Sigh. So we headed out to an optical shop.

At the shop, he tried out several pairs of frames. I picked out a pair for him which I thought framed his face perfectly and the bronze hue made him look so intellectual and demure. Look at how enthusiastic he was.

Unbeknownst to many, Andre is actually very vain. To him, his glasses are a fashion statement. Apparently, the bronze glasses said, "I'm boooring." Then he caught sight of a bright blue pair that was so shiny it could blind you. Now, THIS one shouted, "I'm cool!" (It's bluer and shinier in real life than in the picture).

No amount of cajoling would move him. Even when I told him he looked like a motor-cycle riding pai kia (on hindsight, that probably served as a further impetus). After collecting his glasses, in the car all the way home, he was musing to himself:

"Do you think my friends will know I changed my specs?"
"I think they will since my old one is round, this one is square."
"Maybe I'll ask them if they noticed anything different."

Oh vanity, thy name is Andre!


Lilian said...

Actually, the pair he chose is very nice what, fits him :) He looks like a Taiwanese soap opera star LOL!

Maybe he thinks if he wears blue glasses, he'll be teacher's blue-eyed boy. Let me know if it works :P

monlim said...

Haha, ya think? Somehow I doubt it!!

eunice said...

LOL you can tell which pair of glasses he favours just by looking at his expression. So cute!

Just found out that Sean is colour blind. This was cos I brought him for medical for school in Viet. Sigh... it's hereditary as my dad is colour blind.

monlim said...

Eunice: oh no, is it only partial with Sean or all colours? L-A had a classmate in p1 who was so colour blind his mother had to label all his coloured pencils.

Alcovelet said...

The pictures are so telling! Well, he certain is a darn sight happier with what he chose, so all the more it seems brighter!

He really cute, your Andre! Love to see how he'll turn out in a few years (I don't mean being a motorbike riding paikia!)

Puzzled by Puzzles! said...

Err...Looking at the pic, I have to agree with your son's choice! LOL! :P

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