Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lights! Camera! Err... turkey?

Did I mention that we loooove Christmas? And part of the excitement building up to Christmas is always the pre-Christmas activities. Last week, I brought the kids Christmas shopping at Orchard Road, although to be honest, we didn't buy much. It was more fun just soaking up the atmosphere. Some of you will probably think this is kitschy and commercial but I'm such a sucker for packaging - all the glitter and lights just make us happy.

Armed with my relic of a camera and made worse by my questionable lens skills, here's a pic I took of the gorgeous tree outside Paragon Shopping Centre.

And here's a "tree" along Orchard Road made from Coca Cola bottles (below). Ok, free advertising I know, but quite cute lah.

Usually every year, we organise a Christmas party for friends to gather and share the joy of the season together. Sadly this year, we were unable to find a common date that could accommodate all or even some of them, so it was cancelled - first time in more than five years. So we thought maybe we should have a family Christmas dinner just for the four of us. We didn't want anything elaborate, just a quiet special time. In the end, we went to NUS Guild House at Suntec City over the weekend.

You know, my kids are not perfectly behaved all the time but if there's something I can be proud of, they do know how to conduct themselves at restaurants, even a fine dining place. I guess loving food is a big part of the reason!

It was a four-course Christmas set dinner. Some items were better than others, the crab quiche appetisers and pumpkin soup were yummy. For entrees, the gammon ham wasn't great but the lamb leg was tender and tasty. Here's Andre waiting to dive into his Turkey Cordon Bleu.

And chocolate cake for dessert. This is called pre-celebratory bingeing before Christmas! We're going to have to avoid the weighing scales for a while... the year-end parties will definitely do more damage.

Finally, we walked Suntec City for a bit, again just absorbing the festive mood. As Lesley-Anne just reminded me today, only 9 more days to Christmas!


bACk in GERMANY said...

Me too... am looking forward to Christmas... esp so over here when it's cold and freezing (not so much for the past two years though). And the Christmas spices! YUmmy! Christmas markets will be sorely missed this time next year. And it will be quite different listening to songs like "I'm dreaming of white Christmas", or "It's cold outside" in the hot and humid Sg.

With all that said, Christmas can still be fun in Sg. Just look at you guys! Soaking up the Christmas spirit everywhere!

monlim said...

I know what you mean, Lesley-Anne refers to the incessant rain at this time of the year as "Christmas weather", haha! But still quite nice lah.

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