Saturday, December 13, 2008

All calm on the "see"-front

Lesley-Anne was recently due for her annual eye checkup. We had assumed that her myopia would worsen as is common with kids her age, so we had pre-ordered a new pair of frames for her at an Optic Point sale. During the sale, frames plus lens go for only $39.90 a pair so it's a pretty good deal.

But to our surprise, the checkup revealed that the degrees of Lesley-Anne's have not increased at all after a year! It's truly good news - it means she's only mildly short-sighted, about 75 degrees on each side. It also means that her myopia stands a chance of not deteriorating, great news from the point of view of a (previously) extremely myopic mother.

Since we've already bought the new frames, we went ahead to make her a new pair of glasses anyway, using the same degrees. Now, Andre is officially more short-sighted than his sister.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mon, congrats! this is such a good news! I would love this to happen to my older gal but her degree just keep piling up....*so sad*


monlim said...

Hi Chris! Well, it's pretty much genetic so nothing much we can do about it! I think Andre won't be so lucky. Don't worry, I heard that the degrees tend to slow down by the time they hit p5.

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