Monday, June 15, 2020

Covid art project

Back in the day, I used to sketch quite a lot, especially during my undergraduate years. But with less time, I haven't done so for oh, maybe 2 decades. Then last year, I attempted to draw a simple cartoon hedgehog and failed dismally. It was very demoralising and I chucked the pen aside. It's true that what you don't use, you lose.

Then a month ago when the Circuit Breaker hit, I thought perhaps it's an opportunity to try and hone the skill again since I had time. I aimed to draw building sketches using markers of places I visited in Spain last year and hoped to see some improvement.

My first drawing on Alhambra was done on 17 May and it was quite crappy especially when I added the colour, since my limited number of markers were mostly in gaudy hues and older than Lesley-Anne :P BUT let's not blame the tools, it's totally the workman's fault here.

Pic 1: Alhambra, Granada

I posted my drawings on FB so that my FB community would keep me acocuntable and  force me to keep at it. Anyway, I figured if the first one was terok, the only way I can go was up 😆

Well, it's now been exactly a month and I've drawn 16 pictures in total. For the final picture on my Spain holiday, I decided to redraw the very first picture I did to see how far I’ve come. The visual results don't lie.
When I first started, I thought I would draw a few pictures and then leave it at that. I honestly did not expect it to take a life of its own. Not only did I improve way quicker than I thought I would, it’s FUN. So fun that I can’t stop drawing. Seeing a creation take shape on paper is incredibly satisfying. If any of you are considering picking up art, hope this serves as an encouragement.

Pic 2: Plaza de toros, Seville

Pic 3: City of Girona, watercolour pencils

Pic 4: Cafe scene, Madrid
Pic 5: Takos al Pastor, Madrid
Pic 6: Sagrada Familia (ordered new markers!)

Pic 7: Sagrada Familia, cartoon style

Pic 8: My church's stained glass
Pic 9: Dali Theatre-Museum, Figueres
Pic 10: Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Pic 11: Coffee counter
Pic 12: Spice rack

Pic 13: Parque de Maria Luisa, Seville

Pic 14: Sagrada Familia (interior)

Pic 15: Park Guell, Barcelona

Pic 16: Alhambra

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